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Letters to Corey
VBF Protector

Dear Corey, Who makes the best tamales in Texas?

My owners keep me on my regular dog food ration but I have had the opportunity to sample some of my owners recipe and that of a friend of his named Mark. I will do tricks: sit, roll over, stand, jump & beg for my owners tamales. I have a special place that I have buried Markís tamale attempt :)

Dear Corey, What is a good brand of food for rabbits?

I never eat the stuff, although I have seen my owners try it on occasion. I know there are good and bad dog foods. I guess if your rabbit likes it and your rabbit is healthy and doing whatever you expect it to, then I would consider it to be a good brand. Animal feed needs to have the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep that animal happy and healthy. Inconsistency in food products or lack of nutritional value or just from sitting on a store shelf too long can all be reasons you might want to consider a different manufacturer of your animal feed. Iím spoiled rotten! I think my owners like me.

Dear Corey, Why wonít my rabbits breed and have babies?

Pat does the breeding of the rabbits here. She said first you need to make sure your rabbit is in good physical condition and then make sure that your rabbits are getting enough light every day. They need to get at least 16 hours of light a day.


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