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Letters to Corey
VBF Protector


Where did you get your name?

Brad Rumfield Adkins, Texas

My full name is Corinthian Rodem Vanecek III. My owners gave it to me because they consider me to be an exceptional animal. They call me “Corey” because I answer to it whenever I am needed. Call me by any other name & it will not work.


I have read in many show rules that exhibitors should not alter their rabbits appearance before shows. What is your interpretation of this rule?

(name withheld on request)

Changing the natural appearance of show rabbits by coloring fur or nails may be considered unethical. Pulling unwanted fur can also be unlawful under the basic show rule. Combing, brushing, grooming or cleaning rabbits is a normal and natural process in preparing animals for the show table. I know my fellow K9’s can go through an extensive process before setting a paw on any show arena floor.


Do rabbits have to be pedigreed in order to be shown at ARBA sanctioned shows?

Justin Brown, Bulverde TX

No. Any rabbit can be displayed as long as it looks like and meets the requirements of the breed being judged at the show table. Pedigrees can help the new owner examine the heritage. Which may influence the future breeding of that animal. Pedigrees help breeders keep a record of their rabbit herd. My own background is very questionable. My owners took me in when I suddenly turned up on their doorstep. I have now lived there for over 6 years.


Do your people use salt blocks in the bunny cages?

Kelly Holtsford, San Antonio TX

No. Salt can cause wire cages to rust. Most rabbit food manufacturers add enough salt to the ingredients when they make rabbit pelleted food. If fresh greens are the only food rabbits eat, salt may be needed to help keep the bunny alive. Use a good brand of rabbit pellets to insure your bunny stays healthy.


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