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Letters to Corey
VBF Protector

Dear Corey,

What breed of rabbit makes the best house pet?

My preference leans toward the Holland Lop. They stay small, come in many colors and have friendly temperaments. (My people told me to write that.) Most any breed of rabbit can become a great pet. Calm, friendly rabbits usually come from calm, friendly mothers. Itís important to know where a rabbit comes from and how it was raised so you will know what it will look like as an adult & what itís gr9owing environment was like. Iím an orphan myself, so my people had no idea that I would turn into a 95 pound animal.

Dear Corey,

Do rabbits need their nails clipped?

Yes. Usually about 4 times a year. My people turn the bunnies paws up when trimming their nails. They also have the opportunity to examine other important areas of the bunnies at this time. Be careful not to cut into the quick. (the pink area which is the blood vessels and nerves that supply the toenail) My paw nails stay manicured by running around on our cement driveway.

Dear Corey,

How often should I treat my rabbits for coccidiosis?

4 times a year.

Dear Corey,

How often should I treat my rabbits with Ivomec?

4 times a year. When using .27% swine solution, orally administer 3 drops per pound or 1/2 cc per 10 pound rabbit. And according to my K-9 calculations thatís 1/4 cc for a 5 pound rabbit. You use Ivomec to treat worms, ear mites and other parasites which can harm or even kill rabbits. Remember to treat any new rabbits added to your herd ASAP.

Dear Corey,

My name is Holly. I am a 2 1/2 year old Rat Terrier. I am the official "Rabbit Dog" at our rabbitry and I am owned and loved by Macey Kretzer.

I am writing this letter to let you know what a "Good Dog" I have been. I follow Macey and her Mommy, Joy around while they feed everyday to keep and eye on them, and to make sure they are safe. I have also been used many times in the past to "herd" up rabbits. You see, once in a great while..... Some of those wild and crazy junior bunnies just bounce right off of the grooming table and get loose in the barn or outside. Well, if they get loose outside...... it can be quite a mess. With 7 acres to run loose on, and lots of places to hide, they can be hard to catch. But not with me around..... I am called to official "rabbit herding" duty. You see, I am trained to round up the rabbits and keep them "caught" in my paws gently, until one of my humans can come and get the rabbit from me. Recently, my owners horse got out of his pasture and managed to get to all of the outside rabbit cages. He wanted to get to the rabbit pellets in the feeders, so he managed to open up several cages in the destructive process. I was immediately called to duty, and aided in the safe capture of all the rabbits that had gotten loose. I was a GOOD DOG, Macey told me, and I got a special award from her for my efforts.

I just wanted to share this with you, as I look up to you as a fellow "Good Dog".

Thank you - Sincerely, Holly Kretzer


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