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The Way I Ivomec by Joy Kretzer

Hello all of you! After finally taking the advice of my friend Pat, I have decided to finally sit down and write about the way I Ivomec my Hollands.

Ivomecing and cutting toenails are the two things I hate most about my rabbit chores. I find it is very time consuming, and hard to do. Trying to hold my rabbit on it’s back, keep it steady, and slowly drip the drops of Ivomec in it’s mouth, in hopes it all gets licked up and swallowed.

I decided one night when I could not sleep to find another way to make it easier to Ivomec my Hollands, and this is what I came up with and it seems to work very well.

I feed calf-manna to my Hollands everyday along with 15% Petrus feed (800) 259-1801 and “all you can eat” fresh coastal hay. Well, when I dump the calf-manna in their feeders… they just go crazy and eat it up right away. Those of you who feed Doc’s enhancer or etc…. have the same experience.

What I do is simple……. I extend my feeding time by about 5 hours, to insure they are really, really hungry, and have no feed leftover from the previous day. I then walk around and drip the correct amount of Ivomec onto the proper amount of calf-manna in its little measuring spoon. I allow a few seconds for the calf-manna to suck up the Ivomec, and then I dump it in. The rabbits quickly eat every little last bit of the calf-manna right up. DONE! There it is. I have Ivomeced. It has gone right into their system, and I did not have to put either one of us through anything but happiness.

I have been using this method for almost a year now, and it had worked out just great. I even find myself Ivomecing more often, due to how easy it is now. I hope this helps those of you out there that hate Ivomecing just as much as I do.

Remember, you can use it on anything that will suck the Ivomec up, and that the rabbits will eat right away. Good luck and if you have any questions…. Feel free to ask me.

-Joy Kretzer
The Holland Hut

This medications, it's use and dosages were obtained from other rabbit breeders. and Joy Kretzer make no claim as to their effectiveness and will assume no liability with their use.