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We no longer raise rabbits.  These are photos of our barns when we did have rabbits.

Here's a photo of the interior of one of our barns
(we had 3). 

We have slanted cement floors below the cages & a cement walkway down the center. 
I use a large squeegee to push all the droppings to the outside of the barn.
Then I wash it down with a hose. 

Outside there are rock troughs that the droppings go into.
We raise red wiggler worms in these troughs. 
The worms help break down the manure and keep down the smell and flies. 

We have all galvanized after wire cages with babysaver wire on the front and back and 1/2"x1" wire for dividers (to make sure those bunnies can't chew each other's ears!).

We use plastic EZ feeders (to keep the bunnies from getting rust stains on their cute little faces).

We use metal hayracks.  And feed coastal hay every other day.

We have an evaporative cooler that we use on the warm days.  We use just the fan the rest of the year (even when it's cold we still want good ventilation).

We have an attached grooming table at the end of the barn to look at our show prospects.

We have galvanized doors along the entire length of the barn that can be opened for better ventilation.
We have fiberglass windows along the entire length of the barn that can be opened for better ventilation.
I leave the windows and doors open most of the year.  I close them in the summer to keep the barn cooler.

We have PVC sheeting behind the cages. 
This eliminates all rust and water problems.

If you have any questions just email me.

this page last updated 8/18/05