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How Do You Get Those Beautiful Dwarfs?
Breeding/Culling Tips by Pam Hartley

Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 From: "Pam Hartley" <>
Subject: Re: ? for dwarf breeders

Q:  How do you get those beautiful dwarfs with large heads and smooth, well filled bodies????  Must you have an outstanding herd sire to start with or just continue to be vigilant with strict culling and good breeding decisions with the mediocre dwarfs until "viola" you luck out and get something special?  A little of both?

A: If you happen upon one or more spectacular rabbits for sale, by all means buy them! :) If you're not so lucky, you'll have to work with the parts you have.

First, make a list of your rabbits. Then list each rabbit's faults and virtues. You will start to see a pattern emerge in your herd.

Let's say that your rabbits as a herd have only one relatively consistent virtue right now. Let's say most of your rabbits have nice shoulders.

Let's also say that your rabbits as a herd have some glaring faults -- let's say long ears and narrow heads and pinched hindquarters.

Pick the fault that annoys you the most and then start breeding to a rabbit who does NOT have that fault and hopefully DOES have the virtue of nice shoulders (but if he doesn't have that virtue, only select kits of his that DO have nice shoulders, so that you aren't exchanging one virtue for another, you're selecting for future breeding animals only rabbits who have BOTH). Once you have one fault pretty much licked, start on another.

Breeding this way, you will make progress and it should only take you approximately forever to breed perfect rabbits, but imagine your pride when you finally do!    Isn't this hobby fun? ;)          Pam

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