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BUILDING A CAGE wants to help you have a great place for your rabbit or animal to live.  Let's start this project by using pre-cut cage kits. The size of the cage and the type of wire used can vary as much as the kind of rabbit or animal that will inhabit this new home. There are four (4) sides, a top, a bottom (floor), a door and a door latch with every kit. C-rings or j-clips along with the appropriate tool are necessary to connect the seven (7) pieces together.

Start by attaching the back panel and 2 sides together.  Put the c-rings or j-clips about every two to three inches apart.  Next attach the front panel. The front panel will have a door hole opening.  The top of the door hole will have a 2 inch space and the bottom of the door hole will have a 3 inch space.

Then set the cage on its bottom edges. Attach the top to the cage.  Add more c-rings or j-clips around the top corners and bottom edges to help reinforce those areas.

Turn the cage upside down and attach the bottom piece. The wire strips will be ½ inch apart inside the cage. Be sure you have this installed properly as it is smoother and easier on the animal’s feet.

You can put the bottom wire up an inch or two so the floor will be recessed if the cage is to be used on a solid surface such as a table or in a pan.

Next attach the door and door latch. Doors with spring door latches can be connected on the bottom or side of the door opening but only on the outside of the cage. Doors using "T" latches should be connected on the top side and on the inside of the door opening.

The size and location of the door opening is important. The hole should be large enough to get the rabbit in & out easily. Also the door holes needs to be large enough to get a nestbox in & out if needed. 

The door opening on our kits is 12 inches wide by 13 inches tall.  This usually allows enough space on either side to attach a feeder and water supply on the cage front.  The door panel is 13 inches by 14 inches.

The door will overlap ½ inch on both sides and 1 inch on the top.  Attach the door latch in the middle of the door.  Align it to connect with the wire above the door opening.  The door latch will extend past the edge of the door only ½ inch.  Add extra c-rings in this area to support the latch closure.  To install a T door latch on the door - hammer or bend it into place.  Then attach door to inside of door opening.

Use door edge guard on door hole edges.  The door guard clips over the wire edge.  This can prevent damage to your arms or the animal. sells all types and sizes of cages.  You can email us for advise on size and type.
To help prolong the usefulness of the cage, keep it as clean and dry as possible. 
Have fun, Ken Vanecek

this page last updated 3/1/06

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