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Were you born in a barn?  That’s a silly question.  Leaving a barn door open or a rabbit cage door open, can have a disastrous ending for a champion animal.  Strong cages with secure door openings are very important for keeping animals alive.  There are several methods of construction for insuring safe rabbit cages and door openings.  These are a few suggestions offered by some of our customers.

1.                            “We keep our rabbits in cages where the roof is the door.  It is sort of heavy but the kids or stray animals can’t lift it.  We haven’t lost any rabbits yet!”

2.                            “Our cage doors swing down.  We use a spring door latch at the top of the door.  The latch is very strong and will not bend under pressure.  We did lose a rabbit once when the kids did not close the door.”

3.                            “My door is plywood.  The lock is a strap latch with a nail in the slot.  The rabbits have soaked the wood and I do get a few splinters but have not missed any bunnies.  I wish I could find some hinges that don’t rust.”

4.                            “We have always used pieces of wire from clothes hangers.  It is free and can be formed to make any kind of door lock for our wire cages.  We have lost a few rabbits because of dogs pulling on the doors.”

5.                            “We have had the best luck keeping our cages secure by using T door latches.  They are nearly impossible for animals to open when used correctly.  The doors open inward and swing up to the roof of the cage.  The latches are very strong and can only be opened by swinging them completely to the left or right.  I don’t like it when the does push their nestbox in front of the opening.  I haven’t lost a rabbit since we started using T door latches.”

6.                            “We have had twisted baling wire around the corners of the doors for nearly two years.  The wire does rust and has broken several times.  It takes more time and effort sometimes in order to open and close the doors.  We don’t open the cages that often.”

7.                            “My preferred type latch has a spring in it that you can pull down with your thumb.  I put at least two on each door for security.  Never have lost a bunny because they’ve gotten out of the cage.”


Choose the method that works best for you and your rabbits .  The amount of time and money invested in your rabbitry can determine what success you may have raising great rabbits .  Above all, keep those doors closed on your cages and to your barnJ


this page last updated 3/1/06