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This statement is loaded with a thousand questions. Where do I start?

1. What breed of rabbit do you have, how much does it weigh?
2. Is it a buck or a doe?
3. Which type of wire do you want to use?
4. Is the cage for indoors or outdoors?
5. Do you want a kit or already assembled?

The answer we usually receive with these basic questions is, “ I really don’t know.” We try to offer our customers every possible option available so your rabbit will have the ideal cage. We are continually adding new and improved items to our price list. As most veteran breeders know, using the correct size and best materials is very important for a successful Rabbitry. We know some people just want a simple cage to keep their rabbit safe. All types of rabbits, pets, show & commercial rabbits are a concern of our business, so we try to keep all kinds of building materials and tools available for purchase.
The breed, size of the rabbit and location of the cage determine cage sizes. Rabbit weights can range from 2 to 25 pounds. Cage sizes generally run from 18”x18” to 30”x36”.
Bucks can live fine in a cage with 1”x2” wire sides. Does, which may be used for breeding, would be better off in a cage with babysaver wire on the sides. Saving one baby makes this cage worth the cost.
We have galvanized-before and galvanized-after (or double dipped) wire available. We also have PVC coated wire.
We can make cages that use pans. The pans can slide under or the cage sets down into the pan.
We have cages with a roof and legs for outdoors.
We have many sizes of kits available. We have many sizes of plastic pans available. We will build any size or kind of cage to suit you and your rabbit’s needs.
Building your own cages takes a few special tools to help simplify the task. We offer two brands of hand flush wire cutters plus electric shears. We have two types of fasteners--J-clips and C-rings. We have a tool that removes the j-clips or c-rings. We offer heavy duty, lightweight and stainless steel j-clips. We offer galvanized or stainless steel c-rings. We used the stainless steel c-rings on the cages in our barns. We also used and preferred the double galvanized wire with babysaver for our cages. We have realized that if the cages take less of our time and concern, then we can devote more time to our business and bunnies. Good luck, Ken Vanecek

page last updated 3/1/06
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