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I Need To Tattoo My Rabbit

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Battery Operated
& Ketchum
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Stone &
Grand Champion
kits & digits
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Ink, Restraint/Wrap
Touch-Up Pen
Case & Cavy Tags

We now carry the battery operated tattoo pens.  We carry the Ken Pen, Inkinator, EZ Tatt, KBtatt and the EquaTat2.  Click here to see pricing and info.  While we never personally used the battery operated tattoo pens, our customers love them.  They are used like a regular ink pen to draw numbers, letters or symbols in the ear.  It is not necessary to purchase the letters or numbers separately for these battery tattoo pens.
The Ken Pen is the quietest and most egernomic design.  When you press down on the trigger it turns on, when you left off, it turns off.  The Ken Pen only comes with singel needles.  The Inkinator is the sturdiest.  It has a stainless steel needle and needle guide.  The EZ Tatt comes with a 3 point needle installed, 2 extra 3 point needles, an inkwell, ink and a case.  The Equatat2 is similiar to the Inkinator without the stainless steel needle and shaft.  They all have a switch on the side that turns it off and on.   You can purchase additional 3 point, 5 point or 7 point needles for the EZ Tatt.  You will get a bolder line with more points and these also tend to pull up more ink.

We carry three different brands of Tattoo Kits with tongs to tattoo your rabbit.   Ketchum, Grand Champion and Stone all have good products to help rabbit exhibitors tattoo their rabbits. The size tattoo kit you use should be determined by the size of rabbits you raise.  All basic kits have the pliers (tongs), ink and numbers 0-9. We sell numbers and individual letters for all of the kits. They can also be purchased in entire sets of 0-9 and A-Z. 

We recommend using India Ink.  You can purchase this separately on this webpage.  India Ink - Tattoo3

The pliers (tongs) are constructed of heavy metal. The digits on the Ketchum are all metal.  The digits on Grand Champion, and Stone have metal needles with plastic backs.

The Ketchum kit's come in 3 sizes.  The Ketchum standard tongs hold 6 digits.
Check out this webpage for more info on the Ketchum kits. KETCHUM
50D (2/16" wide digits)
101 (5/32") width digits
201 (3/16") width digits.  

The Grand Champion 1/4" can be used on just about any size rabbit. This kit has been redesigned and you get nice clear tattoos with this kit. The GC digits have metal needles with gray plastic backs. The GC tongs hold up to 5 digits.

The Stone kits come in #300 (3/10) and 5/16 sizes. The #300 can be used on smaller animals since the tool is not as large. The #300 is available in a 4-digit or 6-digit tool, they will hold up to 4 or 6 digits. For larger breeds, such as Californian or New Zealand, the 5/16 set can be used. The 5/16" tongs hold 5 digits.  The 5/16 is also equipped with an ear release. This is a spring release to help retract the needles after tattooing.

While we have used all of the tattoo kits, we like the Ketchum the best for our rabbits.  The all metal digits are great plus with the very small digits (we use the 50D) we can tattoo Netherland Dwarf babies at 4 weeks old.

We also have Small, Large and XLarge tattoo wraps for restraining the rabbit during the procedure.  Tattoo Wraps - Tattoo3

There are several methods to restrain and tattoo rabbits. Try to keep the rabbit as calm as possible to avoid harm. Keep it secure and make sure you choose the correct ear for tattooing (this is the rabbits left ear). Clean its ear of any foreign matter or dirt. Make sure the needles are clean (with a little rubbing alcohol) and in the correct position in the tool. Testing the pattern on a piece of paper will help. If it is your first time to tattoo, it would be best to try it on a non-show rabbit first. Many good rabbits have been mismarked or injured by first timers. After the needles have pierced the skin of the ear, brush the tattoo ink deep into the holes. Shake your ink bottle well before opening it. Be sure all the holes are full of color. Clean the excess ink off with a tissue or cotton. A little Vaseline helps to remove ink residue. Dont forget to check the outside of the ear for ink. It can be cleaned off with a little Vaseline or a baby wipe.

Put the rabbit in a safe area then clean the tool and letters. Check the ears the next day and watch for any infection. Many people use a tattoo touch-up tool in case some of the holes do not appear clear. Judges can disqualify rabbits being shown if their ear tattoo is not legible.

Let us know what we can do to help you make this task a little easier.

this page last updated 4/22/12
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