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You Guys Are Never Open!

                Ken & Pat Vanecek are the only employees of (Vanecek Bunny Farm).  They are getting up there in age and are not trying to get rich by working too hard.  They're hearing is going to they don't answer the telephone anymore.  Please email them with any questions

                The Vanecek’s have an answering machine on one telephone line.  They have a fax machine on another telephone line.  They have email and snail mail.  They have a website that is available 24-7 with a lot of good information about their equipment and rabbits .  They are in this business because of their love for rabbits and rabbit people.  They will try to help anyone with a problem or question.

                Pat maintains the website, answers the telephone, reads and answers emails, responds to fax messages and snail mail.  Pat is the office manager.  She does all the ordering of equipment and supplies.  She is the person in charge of the long distance service, UPS service and billing service.  She also makes some of the bunny jewelry that is available on the website.  She is in charge of all state, local and federal income and sales taxes.  Pat makes ordering easier for customers by offering payment by all major credit cards.  Pat does all the cleaning chores of her house and she tries to keep Ken happyJ

                Ken does everything else.  He cuts wire, makes cages and carriers, packs orders, takes care of the worms, loads and unloads the show equipment from the van and does any electrical, plumbing or structural repairs to their house, all three barns plus the workshop.  Ken does all the cooking and outside yard work.  Ken makes and designs the stained glass stepping stones that are for sale at and he tries to keep Pat happyJ

                Ken and Pat are two of our favorite people.  They work very hard but enjoy what they are doing.  If you have trouble getting in contact with them on the telephone, please try one of the many other avenues they have available.  We try to spend as much time as we can with our parents, too.

                                                                                                                                Ken & Pats sons,  Tim & Bob Vanecek