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Peg Board in the Rabbitry 

Hello Holland Lop Lovers!

I decided to share with you the uses of pegboard in my rabbitry.

Even though my cages have ½ x ½ inch dividers in them so nobody can chew on each other, I very often have to put solid dividers up due to spraying from junior or senior bucks, and yes… even some does.

I use pegboard for those dividers. It works great. I buy the thinnest pegboard I can buy. It is usually runs about $10.00 for a 4’ x 8’ sheet. I only use the pegboard that is brown on both sides, not the stuff that is white on one side.

 I do not want to have to cut the pegboard with a saw, I want to be able to just break it with my hands. It is very easy to break the thin stuff, and it works just as well. I just measure the size piece I need, line the holes up on the corner of a table or etc… and bend it until it breaks. It breaks nicely along the holes that are already there.

Once the pegboard is broken in the right size, I very easily fasten it to the cage wall with the use of small zip ties (cable ties). I usually put one in each corner and one in the center.

What is better about using pegboard between those spraying buck’s instead of metal or etc. is that when peg board is sprayed on, it just seems to kind of suck up the pee so the bucks do not get a chance to rub themselves on it. You see… When a buck spray’s on a divider like metal, as it is running down the sides of the metal, the buck run’s over to it and rub’s himself all over it. Then of course, he is covered in pee causing him to be stained and stinky. L

I spray down my pegboard dividers all the time to clean and disinfect them, and they do very well at holding up. Water once in a while does not really harm them much.

I usually only have to replace those dividers about once a year, some have lasted longer.

During our trip to Convention last October, I also made pegboard dividers for my carriers. I usually have wire dividers, as I like plenty of airflow for these hot Texas shows. I knew that going to Convention would be a very long trip and I was worried about the rabbit’s getting bored and getting into trouble. So, I put temporary pegboard dividers in my carriers for the trip. I did them the same way I do them dividers for the cages. It worked great! Especially when the bucks started spraying. They could not get all covered pee like if I had used metal dividers, and nobody got sprayed by another either!

The most recent use for pegboard I have found has been in my van. I have found that if I just lay a large piece of peg board down on the area where I put my carriers, that they slide very easily along the top of the peg board which make’s for much easier loading and unloading of all those carriers!

Well, I hope I have been of some help to somebody out there-

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Take care and let’s keep those Holland’s clean!

 - Joy Kretzer

page last updated 3/1/06
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