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Taken off Showbunny: Date: 4/9/2000 From: DEBRA L HOLDREN

Subject: rabbits off feed

There are several reason's a rabbit will go off feed. You need to watch and try to find out the reason, and get rid of the problem. I'm sure I won't be able to list them all, but I will list some of them.

1. LACK OF FRESH WATER a rabbit will NOT eat if it does not have a supply of water! Check and make sure your rabbit has a clean supply, and that the nipple's aren't clogged on water systems!

2. STALE FEED a rabbit is picky about their food. If it is old, or contaminated, they will refuse to eat it. Also, if you have changed their diet, they might resist the change.

3. TOO MANY TREATS if a Rabbit is given too many treats, they will not eat their regular food. To find out if this is the problem, you take them all away and see if they start eating again in 3 days or so.

4. BAD TEETH a rabbit cannot eat if they cannot get a hold of the food and get it in! If the rabbit has overgrown teeth, just use a pair of needle nose wire cutters and carefully trim them, or take them to a vet to do this.

5. HAIRBALLS a rabbit will not eat if they have hairballs. Treat with either an over the counter remedy, or with Adolph's Meat Tenderizer(1/2 teaspoon) mixed with a favorite treat(I use pumpkin), or use any other "good" home remedy, until you notice them pass the mass with the furball in it.

6. ILLNESS if you rabbit is sick, they will sometimes go off their feed. I would rule out the other 5 first, then take the rabbit to a vet to find out what is going on.

Remember that a rabbit cannot feed or water themselves! They need you, their caretaker, to provide for them and their needs. It is up to you, the breeder/owner, to make sure they are getting the right food in the proper amounts. That is one reason I personally believe in the measuring out feed method. If you just top of the dishes every day, you have no way of knowing how much food each rabbit actually ate. Even my silver fox, which are on full feed, are given it in a measure, so that I will know if one is not eating as they should be.

Good luck with the chocolate bunny that is not eating! Deb of English Spot Haven/Silver Fox Run