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VitaStress for Increased Conception
by Pat Vanecek

Having problems getting those does bred? 

We recommend VitaStress pellets for rabbits. 

It is a supplement that you give your rabbits to help them breed and to increase your conception rate. When we raised rabbits I fed VitaStress (1 tablespoon per day) for 2 weeks prior to my breed date. I fed it to all bucks and does that I wanted to use for breeding. I fed it along with Docs Rabbit Enhancer (1 tablespoon per day) and it increased my fall conception rate from 65% to 95%. 

It was great to be out in the barn and have my female rabbits lifting for every breeding attempt. 
It is sold on our website under Supplements. 

Good luck with your breeding. Sincerely, Pat Vanecek

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