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500.00 for a rabbit????

Taken off Showbunny—Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 From: THHOPPERS@AOL.COM
, While I agree that two grand champions can produce as much pet quality stock as two that aren't and I also believe that breeders should do all they can to promote the breed, even by giving away good rabbits to new breeders.....However I have paid hundreds of dollars for rabbits....I have also bought rabbits for ten dollars...I think that if you are going to apply the time, energy, and money to breed and show rabbits and do it well, then 500.00 is not a high price to pay...IF! the rabbit can reproduce stock in your line that is better than what you now have!

Think of it this way, if I buy a buck for 500.00 that is a proven producer with traits that I need in my line, and I breed that buck to 30 does which give me 6 rabbits each, for a total of 180 offspring. Now divide 500.00 by the 180 offspring and you now have around 2.75 in each of those babies. But! You have improved your herd and will pay for that improvement in the sale of the babies. So you see if a rabbit can do make you a more successful breeder, then there may be some justification in the price....It may be worth the investment!

Also, The number of rabbits sold for 500.00 is very small. But on the breeders behalf, if they have spent 10 years in selective breeding to get to where they are today, and I wish to have rabbits the quality of theirs and not take ten years to selectively breed, then 500.00 is cheap..! I guess it all depends on your intensity and dedication to your breeding program. If you have a real good culling talent and can judge a good rabbit then you can go out and buy a 25.00 superstar..but remember half of the rabbits genes are hidden...however a linebred buck can be worth his weight in gold in a good linebreeding program.

There are always reasonable rabbits around to be purchased. I think that if a breeder can sell his rabbits for 500.00, then more power to him. I have paid 5000.00 for a dog and 50,000.00 for a horse. Does that mean I am stupid or crazy? I think that if a person wants to compete at the highest level of a "sport" then "dues" must be paid. You either pay your dues through time and hard work or you take the shortcut and "buy a line." This is the ultimate goal of produce the highest quality of

animals that they can achieve, then reap the rewards in the ring or on the table and also in the wallet.........when others desire what you have. When judges have given me comments on my rabbits and they all have the same fault, then it is time to go outside my line and get help. When I go outside

my line I want to get the best I can find that has proven to produce the trait I have need of...such as depth. And I may be willing to pay for that depth and amortize the cost over several litters of babies.

Crystal, I don't know anyone raising rabbits, regardless of their level, that made too much money. I do know some (including myself) that may have spent too much money! But it sure is fun, when I win and when I don't!
Regards, Bob Humphrey

The best rabbit is the one that can make you smile!