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From: Pamela L Tapia <> To:

I wanted to share with you an experience we just had.  I ordered three bunny beads, and a bunny ring. When I opened the box, I pulled the tape off of it, and set it on the floor of the living room for the bunnies to play with!  We have two buns; one is a male Rhinelander, and one a female mini Rex.  Both are rescues, and are a bonded pair.  Nutmeg, the female, bounded up to the box, followed by Bunners.  She took over the box, getting inside it, and growling at Bunners when he tried to get in.  (the box was only slightly larger than a shoebox!)  They danced around it, ran around, and literally had a fight over the box!!!  The beads had been wrapped in a piece of a bag from bunny pellets...but they have their own
pellets, so I don't think that was the draw.  I went into the other room, leaving the buns alone with the box, for a few moments.  I came out to find a tuft of Bunners hair on the ground...and both bunnies having a 'stand off' with her IN the box, and him OUT of the box...looking IN. They chased each other around a bit and I was able to get the box away and take it out to the recycle bin.  They have not had a fight since they were bonded, and usually share everything...even raw peanuts, which are "THE" treat around here!  The only thing I can imagine is that the sent of one or more of your bunnies was on the box.  Nutmeg, having been 'fixed' late in life, after she had already had babies...sometimes gets "nesty"...and she may have been attracted to the scent.  At any rate...the excitement here has died down, and we are once again sharing everything, including potty whatever it is...I am not giving them another box from the bunny farm!!!  How funny! 
(to be noted: they both "marked" the living room after the box was gone. just some isolated poops here and there...but obviously "MY" livingroom!)