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Is Texas Getting Bigger?

It seemed to me the trip to California was the longest drive of my lifetime. Half the mileage was put on my van just getting out of Texas. The mountains, plateaus and fields were an awesome, beautiful sight but they seemed to go on forever. The San Diego weather was comfortable but a little damper than I expected it to be.
My biggest surprise was seeing so many Texas exhibitors at the show. It made me feel comfortable. Like I was at one of the Texas shows. I would guess that I saw around 60 fellow Texans in San Diego at the ARBA National convention. We were probably at least 10% of the people and rabbits participating in that show. I didnít hear of any big problems for any Texans at the show. Some exhibitors did well at the show tables, the Warrenís (Nell & Bob), won Best of Breed Dwarf Hotot! The Californian Clubs that put on this show did a good job of taking care of our people and our rabbits.
Del Mar, California is one of the more up scale areas in the United States. It seemed I was always parking my van between a Beemer and a Porsche. We ate at several different locations, trying to find a great cook. Iím not saying that I am a great cook but I do like my own cooking. We had breakfast three mornings in a row at ďMiltonísĒ. You know it had to be excellent for us to go back two times. I just turned 53 and that is the first time in my life that I ever had corned beef hash. It was delicious.
I missed being with Corey, our dog while I was in California. Corey is with me most of the time at home. If I am in the shop building cages, he is there. If I am in the house fixing lunch, he is there. If I am down at the pond feeding the fish, He is there. I caught myself looking for him several times in California. When we got home, he let me know that he missed me as much as I missed him. I got a nice greeting (wet lick) when we got out of the van.
    I missed my own cooking. I missed my own bed. But I didnít realize how much I missed my bathtub. We have a deep, sunken tub. I like to sit in a hot bath and rub my tired old feet. It wasnít easy to accomplish that in those little narrow short tubs with no handles! But I did manage to soak most of the dust off them. (teheJ)
Thanks to all of you who helped make this a pleasurable trip for Texans and rabbit people everywhere. There seemed to be a representative from Texas in nearly every breed specialty booth. I hope the ARBA realized what a strong and determined group of rabbit breeders the TRBA has become.
                                        Ken Vanecek