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1. Lay 1/2"x1" floor with 1/2" wires up.

2. Lay ends back and front parallel with floor as shown and clip at 3" intervals around perimeter.

3. Swing 4 pieces upward as shown and clip at corners.

4. Lay top in place and clip around perimeter at 3" intervals.

Special Instructions for assembly when Stack Cage Kit is used: Do NOT clip cages in corners where the Stack Kit legs will be.  Place clips over 1".

How to Install the Stack Legs and Slides

1. Slide each leg into the mesh of the wire at the front and rear of the corners of the cage ends (on the side of the cage).  You may need to pull the tabs out slightly with a flat head screwdriver.
Top tabs may be bent around top strand of wire for sturdier connection. (only on top cage)

2. Install a tray slide by slipping them into the tabs stamped into each leg.