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HomeoPet® Anxiety TFLN
Natural Homeopathic Remedy
Promotes a sense of calm in pets exhibiting fear, fretting, anxious or unwanted behavior caused by any of the following situations: Thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises, windstorms, sirens and gun shots. (acute dosing)
Nature's gentle stress reliever quickly promotes a sense of calm.

Natural Organic Ingredients--
Phosphorus 6c&30c, Rhododendron 6c&30c, Borax 6c&30c, Theridion 6c&30c, Chamomilla 6c&30c in 20% USP alc. in purified water.

1-20 lbs (10 kg)…5 drops = one dose
20-100 lbs (10-50 kg)…10 drops = one dose
Over 100 lbs (50 kg)…15 drops = one dose

Acute dosing: For anxious behavior that has a sudden onset such as all of the above mentioned, a dose may be given every 15 minutes up to 4 doses one hour before or during such situations. Remedy only needs to be used when symptoms are present.

Pets under 1 lb: All pets under 1 lb should be dosed by putting one(1) to two(2) drops in drinking water daily.

Each remedy comes in a 15 ml liquid dropper bottle and may be dosed directly into the mouth, in food/treat or in water/milk. There are approximately 350 –375 drops per bottle. For a pet under 20 lbs/10 kg one bottle will last 3-4 weeks, dosing 3 times daily. For a pet 20-100 lbs/10-50 kg, one bottle will last 10 – 13 days at 3 doses daily.
All HomeoPet remedies are the same size and administered in the same manner.
HomeoPet formulas are fast acting, non-sedating and non-habit forming.

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