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Finish Line  APPLE Electrolytes

INGREDIENTS: Salt, potassium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, calcium lactate, zinc sulfate, artificial apple flavor, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, cobalt sulfate.

Sodium, min                            19.0%        Copper, min                      10 ppm
Sodium, max                            21.0%        Manganese, min               300 ppm
Potassium, min                        12.0%        Zinc, min                           40 ppm
Magnesium. min                      0.50%        Iron, min                          0.0110%
Iron, min                             100 ppm        Cobalt, min                        .3 ppm
Calcium, min                             5.9%        Salt, min                                 35%
Calcium, max                             6.9%        Salt, max                              36.5%

Dissolve 1/4 tsp AppleElectrolytes per gallon of drinking water for use during any stress period, the amount used depending upon the degree of stress, such as disease, travel, enteritis, off-feed, heat, cold, etc.  This level can be used on a continuous basis to maintain cellular osmotic pressure and to supply daily needs for trace minerals  Be sure water container is kept clean and re-filled with fresh Aplle Electroylyte water daily.  Apple Electrolytes can also be mixed into dry feed at the rate of 1 ounces per 10 lbs supplement.Keep in a Cool Dry Place

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