BUNNYRABBIT.com slider cage instructions (830) 885-4834

1. Clip together sides, back and front. Place a clip every 3 inches.










2. Clip on top. Place a clip every 3 inches.










3. Some kits have a bend in the side wire for the pan to slide on, so you are ready for the door. For the others, clip on bottom(1/2x1 wire). Place wire facing inside cage. Place even with bottom of front. Place a clip every 2 inches.










4.     Attach other bottom(1x2 wire). Place even with sides and back. Place a clip every 3 inches. Pan will slide in-between the two floors.


5.     Attach door. Bottom is flush and door overlaps on sides and on top or bottom 1.

6.     Attach door latch. Place in center of door and 4 onto cage door/ 1/2 will stick out past top.


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