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The pivoting stem design used in all Edstrom valves is easy to understand when you look at the cross sectional drawings of the valve below.

Cross section view in closed and open position

In the normal, closed position, the head of the stem is held securely against the O-ring by the elastic diaphragm, preventing water from flowing under the stem head and out the valve.

When the end of the stem is moved in any direction by biting, licking or pecking, the head of the stem pivots on the O-ring. One side of the head lifts off the O-ring and allows water to flow under it and out to the animal's mouth or beak.

When the animal releases the end of the stem, the elasticity of the silicone rubber diaphragm located behind the stem head pushes the head back to the closed position, stopping the flow of water.

The many advantages and benefits of this simple valve design.

Local plumbing codes may require that you install an Auto-Air Break Valve at the point you connect your automated watering system to your domestic water supply. Use an approved device for this purpose.
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click on pictures to see variflo and standard valves and to see how to setup your automatic watering system.

variflo valve          standard valve     valve on cage      flex tube system     PVC system
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