Green Adventurine is a green stone, enhances success
Rose Quartz is a light pink stone w/white veins, enhances Love &Compassion
Tiger’s Eye is a gold & brown stone, enhances Creativity & Harmony
Clear Quartz is a clear stone, enhances Strength
Onyx is a black stone, promotes Inner Peace & Protection

Blue Quartz is a translucent blue stone, promotes Intelligence & Communication
Amethyst is a purple stone w/white veins, helps with Spirituality & Intelligence
Malachite is a green stone w/white veins, enhances Happiness & Creativity
Hematite is a silver grey stone, helps with Depression
Lapis is a dark blue stone, enhances Communication
Flourite is a purple stone w/white and green veins, perfect health & order on every level, promotes Concentration & Clarity.
Jade comes in many colors (black, yellow, green, orange).  Believed to be a powerful emotional balancer.  Strengthen the heart , kidneys and immune system. Helps cleanse the blood. Increases longevity and fertility. Aids in eye disorders and female problems.
Agate comes in shades of brown and orange.  Believed to aid in fainting fits, liver ailments, bleeding and strengthens the heart.
“Rock Crystal” is a name for man-made clear quartz.  It is identical in structure and composition to natural quartz (just as Chatham emeralds are identical to natural emeralds), but it is less time consuming for the stone cutters, since they don’t have to cut around inclusions

Each gemstone is believed to have a unique power promoting good health and spiritual healing, or enhancing the ability to achieve your personal goals. We offer no guarantee as to their effectiveness.