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Bovidr Nutri-Drops and Nutri-Drench is a natural, high energy source containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and glucose. These nutrients support life and are needed quickly to restore a non-functioning immune system.

For immediate results: 1cc per 3 pounds body weight
pump top on 8oz bottle administers 1cc per pump

As a Regular Nutrition Supplement: In Drinking water: 
2 fl oz to 16 gal water for minimum of 3 to 5 days (=3/4 tsp to 1 gallon water)
Automatic Proportioner: 16 fl oz to 1 gal water. 
Set proportioner to deliver 1 fl oz per gal Prepare fresh stock daily.

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Glucose Supplies energy for intracellular protein synthesis
Vitamin A Aids eye disorders and skin disorders. Necessary for tissue maintenance and repair Important in formation of bones and teeth Increases antibody response
Vitamin D Increases calcium uptake Increases re-absorption of phospherous
Vitamin E (Antioxidant) Important synergism with Selenium Shields healthy cells from pollution Protects immune system from damage of stress such as exercise and pollution Improves circulation Lowers blood pressure Promotes healing Reduces the requirement for oxygen
B Vitamins: (Choline and Thiamine) Important in the aging animal as nerve transmissions decline Necessary for utilization in the final stages of carbohydrate metabolism Stimulates appetite Increases growth Maintains healthy heart
Phosphorus Aids in carbohydrate and lipid absorption Carbohydrate metabolism Increases performance Stimulates appetite Increases fertility
Potassium: (Main Intracellular Electrolyte) Required for muscle contraction Essential for carbohydrate metabolism Increases growth Stimulates appetite Relieves stiffness
Amino Acids: (Methionine and Lysine) Essential for maintenance and growth
Selenium (Antioxidant) Protects immune system by preventing formation of free radicals Selenium and Vitamin E act synergistically Maintains healthy heart and liver Improves performance Increases the production of antibodies
Manganese Essential for normal bone structure Promotes normal immune system function
Magnesium Essential neuromuscular activity Encourages bone structure
Cobalt Integral part of cyanocobalamin, Vitamin B12 Stimulates appetite
Zinc Activates numerous enzyme systems Enhances performance Promotes reproduction Improves hair and skin
Iron Necessary for hemoglobin formation
Iodine Essential for thyroid function and basal metabolism

Rabbit Nutri-Drops Testimonials
From: Becky Brim of Stone Hill Rabbitry
Hi Pat, just wanted to drop you guys a note about how great Nutridrops are.
I am so impressed with how wonderful this product is - it's like a miracle cure for my little
Hollands and my son's Mini Satins....

I will digress on my story to give you some background.  I first heard of Nutridrops at Convention in San Deigo.  There was a salesman there - passing out leaflets to all of us and I sat down and read the leaflet one evening.  Before I left Convention, I came to see you all and purchased a bottle.  When I arrived home after Convention, I had a doe that had went off feed in the barn while I was gone, she was at that stage of grinding teeth and feeling like a bag of nothing but bones.  I grabbed my Nutridrops and gave her a dose.  I fully expected her to be dead the next day, but she wasn't, she had drank a little water, I gave her another dose.  That afternoon she had drank a lot more water and eaten all of her hay and some of her grain.  Gave her one more dose that evening and since then she has made a complete recovery.

She is one of 4 bunnies that I can truly say that I fully believe if it had not been for Nutridrops, I would have lost them.  I have never seen anything work as well on bunnies that go off feed and water.  I must say for me it is a "Miracle Cure" that I don't mind recommending to all my bunny buddies!

Thank you BunnyRabbit for bringing this wonderful little product to us.
Sincerely, Becky Brim, bbrim38710@yahoo.com  
ARBA Registrar RR#235
Cell:  918 336-4499, 191 CR 3505,
Bartlesville , OK   74003

Nola and Pam Beaumont, TX
I had a baby with the dreaded diarrhea and administered drops 3 days in a row and that was 2 wks ago. So far she is totally fine. First one I ever was able to save. Thanx again. Nola and Pam Beaumont, TX

Cindy Pail, Sarasota FL
Pat, I wanted to let you know how amazed I am with the use of the Nurtidrops! I have saved the lives of many bunnies and even a newborn cavy with this product. It is literally a life saver. It works on newborns that miss feedings, rabbits that get heat stroke and bunnies with enteritis or rabbits that go off feed from stress. A great product!!! Cindy Pail

Renee Martin, Celebrity Cavies, Mi
ďThank you so much for developing the Rabbit Nutri Drops! I raise Cavies (guinea pigs) and Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. I started using Nutri-Drops to help with toxemia problems, to jump start newborns, and to strengthen the immune systems in older animals. When treating with antibiotics I use Nutri- Drops also. They are really responding to these better than anything I have ever tried. I also use them for traveling to shows to keep them on feed.Ē

Rabbit Nutri-Drops Label with guaranteed analysis and ingredient list.

Pet Nutri-Drops Label with guaranteed analysis and ingredient list.

Pet Nutri-Drops Testimonials
Sheila M. Beeney, Coneypark Shetland Sheepdogs, England "I have a Shetland Sheepdog who I mated three times. First time, she "missed" despite a good mating. Second time, she produced 1puppy that was average size but died for no apparent reason at 3 days. The third time she produced yet another singleton which also died at 3 days for no apparent reason. The stud dogs were all fertile dogs that usually produced good sized litters. Each time a different dog was used so it's unlikely it was just a case of not being compatible. At this point, I decided not to mate her again. Then, I read about Pet Nutri-Drops in Dog World. I also read Betty Bloomfields book and found she used them for weak pups. I called Nutri-Drops' technical advisor and asked whether their product might be beneficial in saving the singletons we lost in the past, should I decide to mate again. He suggested I give the bitch Nutri-Drops 6 weeks before she was due to come into season and then 4 hours before she was mated, following this with a weekly dose while she was carrying the pups. He felt it was better to tackle the problem from this angle as it would increase her fertility which would give pups a better chance of surviving. I followed instructions to the letter and am delighted to tell you she whelped 6 puppies (more than I ever had hoped for as 4 is average for a Sheltie). As I write, the pups (3 dogs & 3 bitches) are 5 days old and thriving. Each puppy was given a dose of Nutri-Drops as soon as they were born. The last pup born was to all intents, dead on arrival, very weak and lethargic. I gave him a dose of Nutri-Drops and within 15 minutes he was racing around the bed and sucking with great gusto. I have no doubt that Pet Nutri-Drops is responsible for this lovely litter surviving and I want to thank Bovidr Laboratories' technician for his help."

Ken Bengson, Countryside Vet Supply, West Plains, MO ďIíve used Pet Nutri-Drops on newborns that wouldnít nurse and they nurse immediately. Itís the difference between life and death. Iíve had Pomeranians and Poodles in hypoglycemic shock and Nutri-Drops brought them out with no ill side effects. And, in just 15 - 20 minutes!Ē

Vera Sheldon, Jeni-Lane Kennels, Melvindale, Michigan Am/Can Ch. Jeni-Laneís Cookie-Monster-Too & Ch. Starfire Memory-To-Jeni-Laneís ďAll toy owners need to know about this. I raise Yorkshire Terriers. Iíve had weak puppies, unable to nurse and lifeless. I wipe the inside of their mouth with Pet Nutri-Drops and they respond almost immediately. At shows, I have it in my tack box. Itís great when you have a long showing day, not to mention the great job it does with low sugar and other stress conditions like survival of newborns, whelping problems, stress from competition, transporting. Iíve see it stimulate appetite in minutes, or a limp hypoglycemic puppy start to play actively in just minutes. It works almost instantly and doesnít cause diarrhea or cramping. Iím never without it. Ē

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