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Medium Shoulder Bag
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Handcrafted Tapestry Purses, Totes and Briefcases
Purses and Fannypacks on this page designed and handmade by Susan Watson
Medium Bag
Fanny Pak
Totes & Purses
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  Rootote & Shinzi Katoh
Vest, Coinpurse
Fanny Pack
Small & Medium
Bunny Purse
Large Purse &
Timmy Wood
& More
Night Light + Weathervane
Wall Hanging, Table Runner
Bathroom & towels
Bunny Throw/Quilt
Vest Warm Whiskers   Jewelry
Medium Square Shoulder Bagmdsqshldr_back.jpg (118184 bytes)
Unique Designs
Only One of Most Designs handmade by Susan Watson
zippered top closure & 3 pockets inside - zippered pocket on back
rugged navy or black cadora back - aprx 9-10 inch wide by 7-8 inch tall
$25.00 - $28.00
mdsqshldr_happyEaster.jpg (402524 bytes)
Happy Easter
design by Cindy Shamp
mdsqshldr_2bunsWchick.jpg (440614 bytes)
2 Bunnies with Chick
mdsqshldr_leaping.jpg (546670 bytes)
Leaping Brown
mdsqshldr_somebun_specl.jpg (119439 bytes)
Somebunny Special
mdshldr_3bunsWbasket.jpg (403040 bytes)
3 Brown & White Bunnies
0mdsqshldr_pinkWButfly.jpg (362754 bytes)
Pink Rabbit $25.00
design by Cindy Shamp
mdsqshldr_2dwarf.jpg (238971 bytes)
2 Dwarf Rabbits
mdshldr_brownWbabies.jpg (220830 bytes)
Brown Bunny with Babies
mdsqshldr_welcom_spring.jpg (145767 bytes)
Welcome Spring $25.00
mdsqshldr_leapingGoldBand.jpg (592802 bytes)
Leaping Rabbit $25.00
Medium Short Shoulder Bag
Welcome Spring

zippered top closure
rugged black cadora back
mdzipshldr_welcomespring.jpg (217116 bytes)
aprx 11 inch x 6 inch
designed & handmade by Susan Watson
beaded_bunny_keychain.jpg (121159 bytes)
Beaded Bunny Coin Purse/Key Chain
Beaded on Both Sides-Fully Lined #bead_coin_keych
2.5in W x 4in H
$12.00 click here to purchase
beaded_bunny_coin2.jpg (153397 bytes)
Beaded Bunny Coin Purse
Beaded on Both Sides-Fully Lined
3.5in W x 5in H
$15.00 click here to purchase
Rabbit Fanny Pack  
Vertical Fanny Pack
Chenille & Cotton Tapestry
14 Unique Designs
most designs are one only
rugged black cadora
Black Back w/1 inch adjustable strap
3 zippered closures-zippered pocket on back
zipper for entire bag-zippered pocket on flap
6 inch x 7 inch
will fit up to 40 waist
handmade by Susan Watson
extention.jpg (22215 bytes)
Fanny Pack Extension
for the larger body
extension will add 12 to 22 inches
Bunny Watercan-blue
Vfany_bun_watercan.jpg (100695 bytes)
Bunny Watercan-navy
Vfany_bundk_watercan.jpg (89455 bytes)
Bun on Rooftop (black)
Vfany_bigbun.jpg (69738 bytes)
White Bunny
Vfany_whitebun.jpg (88381 bytes)
   Brown Bunny
Vfany_brownBun.jpg (312707 bytes)
Rabbit w Apple Basket
Vfany_bunApples.jpg (246051 bytes)
White Rabbit Head
vfanyGRN_whiteBunHead.jpg (78436 bytes)
White Bunny Flowers
vfany_WhtRabbit_flowers.jpg (233897 bytes)
Bunny Tapestry Briefcases 11 1/2 inch x 16 inch
handmade by Susan Watson
click here to order Briefcase
two 1 inch strap handles plus
one long adjustable strap (removable) - fully lined
one large zippered pocket on back - 1 large/2 small pockets inside

click here to order Briefcase
bfcase-3brwnBun.jpg (1047490 bytes)
Black Cadora Back
3 Brown Rabbits Tapestry
Black Cadora Back
Rabbits with Wheelbarrow
DSC00198.JPG (961219 bytes)
Black Cadora Back
2 Spotted Rabbits Chenille bfcase-2bunHolly.jpg (726366 bytes)
Black Cadora Back
2 Rabbits in Holly Chenille 

0brfcase_bunny_chipmunk.jpg (101665 bytes)
Black Cadora Back

Bunnies w/Chipmunk Chenille

bfcase-Lop+BrnByGate.jpg (647970 bytes)
Black Cadora Back

2 Rabbits by Gate
DSC00199.JPG (1011086 bytes)
Black Cadora Back
White Rabbit Tapestry bfcase-Blue+Pink.jpg (661504 bytes)
Black Cadora Back
Blue & Pink Rabbits
by Cindy Shamp Tapestry

DSC00204.JPG (1025216 bytes)
Black Cadora Back

Leaping Rabbit Tapestry

bfcase-Pink+Blue.jpg (711282 bytes)
Black Cadora Back

Pink & Blue Rabbits
by Cindy Shamp Tapestry
DSC00200.JPG (802101 bytes)
Black Cadora Back
Guess How Much I Love You Tapestry 1 bfcase-2lop+Dutch.jpg (795107 bytes)
Black Cadora Back
2 Lops + Black & White Rabbit Chenille
DSC00201.JPG (940207 bytes)
Black Cadora Back
Guess How Much I Love You Tapestry 2 bfcase-BlkWht+BrnWht.jpg (717000 bytes)
Black Cadora Back
Blk/ White + Brown Lop Rabbit Chenille 
DSC00202.JPG (965329 bytes)
Black Cadora Back
Guess How Much I Love You Tapestry 3
briefcase_backBLK.jpg (448904 bytes)

Black Cadora Back
brfcase_bunsbutfly_blk.jpg (337395 bytes)
Black Cadora Back
Bunnies with Butterflies DSC00203.JPG (1109064 bytes)
Black Cadora Back
Brown Rabbit Tapestry
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