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Teeth or Nail Trimmers

teethTrim.JPG (195888 bytes)

lixitQuickLockCrock10.jpg (40621 bytes)
Lixit Quick Lock Crock

Qlock-apart.jpg (22882 bytes)

Hand Thrown Stoneware Pottery
Blue Stripe Crock - 5 inch
*NEW* Non Dig - Slope Top
Are you tired of your rabbit scratching all its food out?
Try these slope top crocks!

*NEW* Non Dig - Slope Top
Try these slope top crocks!

crock-5slope.jpg (104484 bytes)
*NEW* Waterproof Vinyl Cage Magnet
2 inch x 3.5 inch
magnetWP4sale.jpg (63461 bytes) Canvas Apron
 in khaki, sizes Youth, Adult, XLarge
apron-kahkiALLcrop.jpg (433121 bytes)apron-kahkiCrop.jpg (271652 bytes)
ezPinkDark.jpg (200634 bytes)
*NEW* Pink Hard ABS Plastic
Small 5 oz, , Pink Medium 10 oz, Pink Large 20 oz
 New Lower Shipping Cost!
EZ Crock ABS Plastic Cup
New! Perforated Metal Box Feeder
3 x 3 x 1.75 inch tall
Holds 1 cup!
3x3perfBox.JPG (139083 bytes)
Metal NO CUT Feeder
no need to cut wire to attach to cage
2pcFeederCage.jpg (222339 bytes)

birdWaterer.jpg (46804 bytes)Trigger Cup Waterer - Bird Cup
1/8" mpt - 3psi recommended - do not use with pipe saddles

Bird Cup

poultryCupInline.jpg (127694 bytes)Trigger Cup Waterer - Poultry Cup
Automatically refills every time the chicken drinks.
3/8 inch barb - includes Cup & mounting Bolt
Inline Poultry Cup

poultryCupInline2.jpg (67001 bytes)Inline Poultry Cup
Use with low pressure systems only
Every time they drink from the cup, The low amount of pressure allows the right level of water to come into the cup.
Cup Width: 2.5" Cup Depth: 2" uses 3/8" ID tubing

poultryCupHalfCup2.jpg (88813 bytes)Trigger Cup Waterer - Poultry Cup #birdCupHalf
Automatically refills every time the chicken drinks.
3/8 inch barb - includes Cup, 3/8 tee & mounting Bolt

Poultry Half Cup

poultryCupHalfCup.jpg (87538 bytes)Poultry Half Cup
Use with low pressure systems only
Every time they drink from the cup, The low amount of pressure allows the right level of water to come into the cup.
Cup Width: 2" Cup Length 4.25 Cup Depth: 1.5" 
uses 3/8" ID tubing

BrassValveCage.jpg (218371 bytes)Brass Water ValveBrassValve.jpg (43282 bytes)
fits BRcom, MJ & Nivek Topfill Water Bottles or 5/16 inch tubing system

Brass valve with o-ring  #valveBrass
$ 3.00
10% discount on 20 or more

Rabbits USA 2017 Annual Magazine

Rabbits USA 2017 Annual   97 pages
As an indispensable resource for first-time pet owners, Rabbits USA is packed with all the basics to educate beginners on the importance of good rabbit care and includes a directory of shelters, services and veterinarians.
The 2017 issue of Rabbits USA magazine features articles about Got a New Rabbit!  All You Need to Know.  Let's Talk Teeth! 6 Breeds You wil LOVE!  Stop Beastly Behavior Before It Starts.  Top 5 Tips for Your Healthy Rabbit, Buuny Diet Guide, Rabbit Housing Hints.

2017RabbitsUSA_mag.jpg (347894 bytes)
Rabbits USA 2017 Magazine 


Now available in 16 oz.


ProBios Powderprobios.jpg (23903 bytes)

CriticalCareFineGrind.jpg (36188 bytes)Critical Care Fine Grind

NOW in 10 inch or 14 inch!
Kevlar Knit Sleeves with Thumb Hole
kevlar.jpg (4807 bytes)

Knit Rabbit Arm Warmers
ArmWarmerBlk.jpg (40597 bytes)ArmWarmerWht.jpg (38601 bytes)

Rabbit Earrings
CrystalBody.jpg (19004 bytes)OrigamiSilvSolid.jpg (18804 bytes)OrigamiSilver.jpg (24855 bytes)ChubButtSilv.jpg (20150 bytes)

dangleHeartBellyPurp.jpg (26230 bytes)MrJimSilver.jpg (36341 bytes)PurpleCrystalBunny.jpg (92006 bytes)

purpleCup.jpg (99818 bytes)smREDcup.jpg (105464 bytes)smBLUEcup.jpg (94330 bytes)
Now Available in PURPLE, RED, BLUE!

Brass Valve BRcom Water Bottle with FlipTop & spring
BRbrassValve.jpg (154978 bytes)brBrass16oz.jpg (57804 bytes)
BRcom Bottles now available in 5.4 ounce!
*NEW* cavy
Cavy/Small Animal FlipTop Water Bottle

CavyBottle.jpg (73497 bytes)CavyBottle-valve.jpg (21486 bytes)

Guinea Pig Valve
barbed for use wth 3/16 inch tubing
brass valve with stainless steel spring and rubber o-ring
recommended for
Guinea Pigs, Birds, Hamsters, Mice, Rats

pigValveWclip.jpg (324524 bytes)

**NEW**  Rabbit Tutor Books
Click here to order
LeaderGuideBreedID.jpg (101104 bytes)LeaderGuideJudging.jpg (118634 bytes)RT-MiniRexJudging.jpg (199129 bytes)RT-BreedHL.jpg (215876 bytes)

**NEW**  Rabbit Tutor Books
Click here to order
RT-Beginners.jpg (207379 bytes)RT-BreedNZ.jpg (324045 bytes)

3 inch x 5 inch Reusable Plastic

Now Available
Stainless Steel 5 inch Spring


heatedPadWbun.jpg (18471 bytes)Nestbox Warmer - 9x12 inch (electric) #nest-wrmr
(place under nestbox)
This Small Animal Heated Pad has only 25 watts which is all that’s needed to keep the indoor or outdoor pet warm and comfy even in the coldest of climates. 

heatedPad.jpg (16145 bytes)

New Millers Forge élan Grooming Aids
955.jpg (32141 bytes)
975e.jpg (38822 bytes)995e.jpg (15208 bytes)

twistcrock6in-2.jpg (63294 bytes)Now Available in 3 Sizes!
Twist Crock 6 inch, 5 inch, 4 inch
Keep your bowl from moving!
Place in 1/2 x 1 inch wire and twist!

twist-4in.jpg (173583 bytes)
legs-metal.jpg (12139 bytes)Grooming Table Metal Legs fit all tables
Replace your Groom N Go Legs with these sturdy Metal Legs.  
Rubber Grips on all 4 corners!
Can be used with Wood Grooming Table Top or Groom N Go.
assembly required
leg-metal-groomNgo.jpg (203141 bytes)leg-metal-woodOpen.jpg (89900 bytes)leg-metalWoodStorage.jpg (111326 bytes)
Fits All Tables!
Use with GroomNgo or Wooden Table Tops

Conair Micro Timmer Palm Pro
MicroTrimmer.jpg (74190 bytes)

feedScoop.jpg (258965 bytes)
Slotted Feed Scoop
Fill your cup from the outside of the cage.

chin-passthru.jpg (296070 bytes)chin-passWdoor.jpg (278081 bytes)
Chinchilla Metal Cage Pass Thru with Shutoff Door

chin-collar.jpg (165021 bytes)
Chinchilla Collar with plastic rivet

NEW T-Shirts
tshirt-lucky.jpg (25774 bytes)hare-band-tshirt.jpg (67619 bytes)

kevlar.jpg (4807 bytes)NOW in 10 inch or 14 inch!
10 inch & 14 inch Kevlar Knit Sleeves with Thumb Hole


blowerBlue.jpg (20494 bytes)NEW Bear Power Dryer Blower

blower4.jpg (33886 bytes)
Color: Lime Green, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Purple

Safe-Guard Pelleted Dewormer
An easy deworming solution.
Just feed a few pellets a day for 3 days:)

equibits.jpg (10507 bytes)
SPproSlicker.jpg (24904 bytes)
New Coastal & Super Pet Brushes

Rabbit Watches
watch-brownBunWcrystals.jpg (53840 bytes)Brown Rabbit with Crystals Watch

!*NEW*! Partially Assembled Kit!
3 Compartment Carrier- Partially Assembled Kit
shipping weight 12 lb. partially assembled makes it NOT oversized so saves on shipping
3compt-1lid1x2.jpg (140028 bytes)


valveBRcom.jpg (94651 bytes) Barbed Water Valve & Spring -
used to attach valve to wire

10 BRcom Valve Replacement Oring
toolBRcomValve.jpg (69429 bytes)
Hex Tool for BRcom Valve Adjustment or Repair

WoodRack2.JPG (172619 bytes) 
Wood Carrier Rack
Wooden Rack for displaying carriers.  6 feet long 24 inch or 30 inch tall
total of 4 pieces- 2 double leg/2 cross piece
It is notched to stay in place.  Easy to assemble and easy to transport

WoodRackWtable4.JPG (240244 bytes) 
Wood Table for Rack
Wooden Table to fit on Wooden Rack for displaying carriers
20 inch by 20  inch - 10 in or 16 in legs
total of 5 pieces- table top & 4 legs
Legs are attached with included nuts & bolts

hangTableBox-hang.jpg (542730 bytes)!NEW! Hanging Table/Grooming Box Combination 
18" x 14" hinged hanging table top
with 3 inch deep storage compartment with 2 clasps & handle
hangTableBox-closed.jpg (418959 bytes)
Gigi Anesthetic Numbing Spray gigiSpray.jpg (11702 bytes)
H-24.jpg (198390 bytes)h153.jpg (42530 bytes)h303.jpg (71171 bytes)bn84Lucky.jpg (103754 bytes)
Dedham Pottery Hand Crafted in Massachusetts
Made in the USA!
Dedham Pottery
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 Evans Software
Computer Program
for Rabbits or Cavy
 Evans Software Computer Program for Rabbits or Cavy
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