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Dear Corey, We have had snakes get into our cages.  They destroy our rabbits and babies.  What should we do in order to keep the babies safe?  Tim, Marcela & Gina

Dear Friends,

There are many kinds of reptiles in America.  Some snakes, like garter and tree snakes, can be beneficial to us by eliminating bugs and snails and such.  Other snakes, like rattle snakes, rat snakes and bull snakes are predators of rodents and small animals.   Poisonous snakes have wider heads and cat like eyes.  The rattlesnakes, copperheads and cottonmouths are the most common types of poisonous snakes.  Non-poisonous snakes have narrow heads, round eyes and longer tails.  They come in all sorts of colors.

Some important steps to keep predator snakes away from your rabbits are:
--Keep rabbit pellets in a closed container in order to keep rodents away
--Eliminate any rodent or small animal problems by using traps or poisons (be careful when using traps or placing poisons)
--Keep rabbit cages high off the ground and away from possible access areas for snakes to reach your rabbit cages.
--Use smaller wire, such as 1/2 inch by 1 inch to keep most snakes out of cages.
--Keep cages clean, especially when litters are born.  Fresh blood attracts snakes.
--Keep the area around cages or barns open and clean so that you won't be surprised by a snake.
--Cats can help keep snakes away.  They will help keep the rodent population down and some will actually attach snakes.  At least cats are good for something!

There are many good websites that may help you identify the snake that is causing your problems.  I hope this information helps you to keep your rabbits safe.

Good luck,  Corey