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It is with a heavy heart that we announce
the passing of Corey on December 27, 2003.
He has gone to heaven and is probably up there now,
running, rolling in the dirt & picking up cans!  
He will be missed by all that had the pleasure of knowing him.

Letters to Corey
VBF Protector news 2002 issue 2
published July 25, 2001

Dear Corey, We have had snakes get into our cages.  They destroy our rabbits and babies.  What should we do in order to keep the babies safe? news 2002 issue 1
published February 19, 2001

Dear Corey, Who makes the best tamales in Texas?

Dear Corey, What is a good brand of food for rabbits?

Dear Corey, Why won’t my rabbits breed and have babies? news volume 2  issue 3
published October 31, 2001

Dear Corey,
What breed of rabbit makes the best house pet?

Dear Corey,
Do rabbits need their nails clipped?

Dear Corey,
How often should I treat my rabbits for coccidiosis?

Dear Corey,
How often should I treat my rabbits with Ivomec?

Dear Corey,
My name is Holly. I am a 2 1/2 year old Rat Terrier. I am the official "Rabbit Dog" at our rabbitry and I am owned and loved by Macey Kretzer. news volume 2  issue 1
published January 18, 2001

Where did you get your name?

Corey, I have read in many show rules that exhibitors should not alter their rabbits appearance before shows. What is your interpretation of this rule?

Corey, Do rabbits have to be pedigreed in order to be shown at ARBA sanctioned shows?

Corey, Do your people use salt blocks in the bunny cages? news volume 1  issue 4
published September 28, 2000

Comments to Corey news volume 1  issue 3
published July 4, 2000

Introduction to Corey

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