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Wood & Ivory Nut Netsuke Jewelry
Hand Carved with Glass Eyes - All pieces shown below are between 1 1/2 inch - 2 inch tall

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Wood Rabbits
Mammoth Ivory & Wood

What is "NETSUKE"happy_rabbit37.jpg (19688 bytes)
Netsuke(nets'keh) is a small carving usually of wood or ivory serving as a toggle netsuke is a form of small sculpture which developed in
over a period of more than three hundred years. Netsuke served both functional and aesthetic purposes. The kimono, the traditional form of Japanese dress, had no pockets. Women would tuck small personal items into their sleeves, but men suspended their tobacco pouches, pipes, purses or writing implements, on a silk cord, from their obi (sash). These hanging objects are called sagemono. To stop the cord from slipping through the obi, a small toggle was attached. This toggle is called a netsuke. (The most popular pronunciation is net-ski, while the actual Japanese is closer to netskeh). A sliding bead (ojime) was strung on the cord between the netsuke and the sagemono to tighten or loosen the opening of the sagemono. The entire ensemble was then worn, at the waist, and functioned as a sort of removable hip pocket. All three objects, the netsuke, the ojime and the different types of sagemono were often beautifully decorated with elaborate carving, lacquer work, or inlays of rare and exotic materials, including: wood, ivory, precious metals, shell, coral and semi-precious stones. more and more elaborate thus developing it into a cherished art form.  In Japan, rabbits symbolize longevity.
The Netsuke below are traditional Netsuke with two holes drilled in the bottom for a cord.

They can be used for display or an ornament.

Short Ear Rabbit
# net100   $25.00
shortEar-new.jpg (36651 bytes)
The Netsuke below were special ordered and a hole is drilled from top to bottom.
They can be strung easily for a pendant.
2 Rabbits in Basket
# net007  $35.00
2inbasket.jpg (21894 bytes)2inbasket_rabbit81.jpg (45701 bytes)
Rabbit Eating Carrot
# net001  $25.00

eatingcarrot_rabbit90.jpg (25509 bytes)eatingcarrot_rabbit91.jpg (31810 bytes)
2 Rabbits
# net101   $25.00
2rabbit.jpg (25636 bytes)

Rabbit holding Baby
# net103   $25.00
 rabbit_baby_carrot2.jpg (23154 bytes)
2 Rabbits (no hole)
# net102   $25.00
2rabbit_sit_nohole_nsbw383.jpg (42637 bytes)
One Only!
Rabbit Sitting
# net-Z078  $35.00
Z078-gentleRabbit.jpg (15165 bytes)
Lop Rabbit Holding Baby
# net104   $25.00
lop_holdbaby.jpg (23181 bytes)
Two Lop Rabbits
# net105   $25.00
2lops.jpg (22112 bytes)
One Only!
Rabbit with Baby & Carrot
# net220   $35.00
Z220-RabbitBaby.jpg (20269 bytes)
One Only!
7 Rabbits Ball

(no hole-small scratch) 
B001-rabbitsBall.jpg (90226 bytes) ball.jpg (190369 bytes)
One Only!
Rabbit Crouching
#net003  $

crouch-leaf.JPG (252810 bytes)
*NEW*  made from Buffalo Horn
Rabbit with Carrot
#net-horn   $25.00
SALE $15.00
horn-rabbitWcarrot.jpg (35899 bytes)
horn-rabbitWcarrot-back.jpg (20954 bytes)
horn-rabbitWcarrot-side.jpg (17742 bytes)
Rabbit Running
# net006  $25.00
running_rabbit70.jpg (35000 bytes)rabbit_running2.jpg (92995 bytes) 
One Only!
Rabbit Nurture Bunny
#net-nurt  $35.00
rabbitOnTopBaby-looksea.jpg (35542 bytes)
One Only!
Light Wood Netsuke
Mama Baby Carrot
# net-L914   $25.00
L914-RabbitBaby-LT.jpg (26142 bytes)
One Only!
Light Wood Netsuke
Rabbit Eating Carrot
# net-Q496  2 3/8" tall   $35.00
Q496-RabbitEatCarrot2-LT.jpg (27977 bytes)Q496-RabbitEatCarrot-LT.jpg (16695 bytes)
Dark Wood Rabbit Sitting
# net-wn112  $35.00
rabbit-sittingDk2.jpg (61009 bytes)
Dark Wood Rabbit Scratching
# net-wn415  $35.00
 rabbit-scratching2.jpg (72262 bytes)
One Only!
Light Wood Netsuke
Large White Rabbit
# net-L355 2 in long   $35.00
L355-CrouchRabbit-LT.jpg (16157 bytes)
One Only!
Light Wood Netsuke
White Rabbit w/Baby
# net111LT 2 in tall $35.00
  net111lt50.jpg (219843 bytes)
One Only!
Light Wood Netsuke
Walking Rabbit + Baby
# net115LT 1.7in long   $35.00
  net115-2.JPG (417605 bytes)
Ebony Ironwood Movable
Rabbits on and In Carrot
movable rabbit inside the carrot
#net-move 2.75 in long $35.00
 RabbitInCarrot-looksea.jpg (48655 bytes)RabbitInCarrot2-looksea.jpg (53227 bytes)
See No Evil, Hear No Evil
Speak No Evil Rabbits
# net-Q626   $25.00
Q626-SeeNoEvil2.jpg (26056 bytes)Q626-SeeNoEvil.jpg (18447 bytes)
Rabbit with Lucky Jade
# net004   $25.00
rabbit_luckyjade.jpg (25734 bytes)
Baby Sniffing Mama Rabbit
# net112   $25.00
  net112.JPG (410514 bytes)
One Only!
Rabbit Carrying Turtle
# net020   $35.00
rabbit_holdturtle.jpg (43026 bytes)
Walking Rabbit
# net113   $25.00
net113.JPG (382409 bytes)
One Only!
3 Rabbits on Well Box
# net114  4.25x2.9 inches
 net114.jpg (460589 bytes)
!*NEW*! XLarge
net114-0.JPG (686450 bytes) net114-50.jpg (490990 bytes)
4.25 x 2.9 inches
Pull the rabbit on the end of the string to close lid.
One Only!
2 Rabbits with Bag
# net110   $25.00
net110.jpg (201387 bytes)net110-2.jpg (159944 bytes)
One Only!
Light Wood Netsuke
Rabbit Carrying Bag
# net117LT $25.00
  net117.jpg (434776 bytes)
One Only!
Light Wood Netsuke
Rabbit w/Carrot
# net116LT 1.75 in tall $25.00
  net116.JPG (333853 bytes)
One Only!
Light Wood Netsuke
2 Rabbit Entwined
# net118LT 1.87 in long   $25.00
  net118.JPG (96551 bytes)
One Only!
Light Wood Netsuke
2 Rabbits on Lettuce
#net119LT aprx 2in $35.00
 net119.JPG (336504 bytes)
 Tagua Ivory Nut Looks like Ivory
For the price of Wood!
 Tagua Ivory Nut
Similar to that of elephant ivory in structure & grain  but is denser and more resilient.
 It resembles the ivory in texture and color.
There are several names for this vegetable ivory nut, but the most common is the "Tagua Nut". Its similarity to elephant ivory has been known by craftsman for years.
Tagua Ivory Nut
2 Rabbits Snuggle
# netIN12  1.5 inches long
  netIN12.JPG (165591 bytes) 
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