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Rabbits USA Magazine Discontinued-Limited Stock
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Aavailable below.
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Your First House Rabbit
By Marinell Harriman

CD/DVD Video run-time: 40 minutes 
Plus Booklet 
shipping weight .25 lb

Your First House Rabbit Video & Booklet
70% Off 
SALE $9.99

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A basic how-to and when-to of Rabbit care—which begins even before the rabbit goes home. Hands-on demonstrations in actual settings cover the following topics: Choosing a rabbit; Preparing the indoor home; Feeding and house training Exercising and socializing; If you have just adopted a rabbit companion, or expect to soon, Your First House Rabbit will be a welcome resource for immediate and continuing reference as your friendship develops.
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Assisted Living for Special Needs Bunnies
By Marinell Harriman #CD-assistedliving

Your veterinarian has determined that your bunny's injury or debilitating disease is long lasting or per-manent. Yet your bunny's attitude indicates a will to live, and you want to ensure her a high quality of life. .... This video covers an area where visual images explain much better than words how to administer day-to-day care on a long-term basis. R
un-time: 45 minutes

Planning Your Bunny’s Assisted Living
Video & Booklet $25.00 SALE $9.99

video_assist-living.jpg (249069 bytes) Contents include: 
Creating a health plan: This shows a veterinary exam and guidelines for evaluating quality of life. Habitat setup: Various living arrangements are shown, with padding materials and furnishings that accomodate special needs. 
Feeding techniques: Several diet plans are shown, as well as disabled rabbits with typically hearty appetites. You can also watch the process of preparing a formula and syringe feeding a rabbit. Hygiene: Dry coat-cleaning, soap-and-water bathing, cleanser cleaning, fur trimming, skin care, diaper-ing are detailed, as well as products & tools to use. Interaction: Bunnies themselves demonstrate interaction with toys and how well they respond to companionship.  run-time: 45 minutes

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Breed Flash Cards
Discontinued - Limited Stock
#tutorFlash  $25.00 SALE $19.99
Breed Flash Cards 49 flash cards
One for each breed recognized by the ARBA.

Standard of Perfection 2016-2020 #sop
$25.00 SALE $9.99


Standard of Perfection 2016-2020

bookmark_dwarf_gold.jpg (47344 bytes)Rabbit Bookmark brass bookmark 4 3/4in long
choose Rabbit of your choice: dwarf, big ear, lop,  bun w/bow, bunny head
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dwarf & lop pictured above
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Rabbit Production 9th edition Hard Cover
Hard Cover 
by McNitt, Patton, Lukefahr, Cheeke
$210.00 SUPER SALE $149.00

**NEW** Hard Cover
Rabbit Production 9th edition
by McNitt, Patton, Lukefahr, Cheeke
Peter Robert Cheeke is Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University. 
James I. McNitt from Southern University Agricultural Research & Ext Center. 
Nephi M. Patton formerly of Oregon State University. 
Steven D. Lukefahr teaches at Texas A & M University.

Highly Recommended!  296 pages Hard Cover
This book truly covers it all! Breeding, disease, color genetics, feed conversion & more!
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abcColorbook.jpg (33442 bytes)ABC-About Bunny Colors #abcColor
by Ellyn Eddy

The Color Genetics Book you have been waiting for!
It's easy as...ABC About Bunny Colors
by Ellyn Eddy

"Spelling out the essentials of rabbit coat color genetics"
+85 color photos, 65 pages   #abcColor
A practical breeder's guide to rabbit coat color
Step-by-step explanations of how hereditary genetics work 
85+ color photos   Extensive glossary 
At-a-glance charts, tables, and illustrations 
Interactive questions to help you check your knowledge 
Tips on raising specific varieties - Color identification checklist
Integrated advice from leading breeders and judges 
Descriptions and genotypes of 50 familiar varieties 
Unique insight into the logical arrangement of color pigments 
Insight on line breeding And much more! 

Color Genetics by Bobby Schott #cgSchott


Color Genetics of the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit by Bobby Schott

This book will take you through many of the basic color genetic principles.  It has easy to understand language with lots of good examples and some simple pictures. The book is written for Netherland Dwarfs but the color genetics are the same for most breeds of rabbits. 
 Color names are different for some different breeds.
40 pages

34805-HowToRaiseRabbits2.jpg (149014 bytes)
How to Raise Rabbits #34805
by Samantha & Daniel Johnson

How to Raise Rabbits by Samantha & Daniel Johnson
200 color photographs, 192 pages    #34805
Everything You Need to Know
Breed Guide & Selection, Proper Care & Healthy Feeding, Building Facilities & Fencing, Showing Advice
Rabbits are a wonderful animal to raise as a pet or as part of the livestock on a farm. They are a great starter animal for children who participate in 4-H or other rabbit shows. This book will detail information on raising animals in both urban and rural situations, breed types, housing and food requirements, and general health care for the rabbit. The book will help you determine what rabbit breed will best suit your needs and inform you of what you need to know to keep your rabbit happy and healthy. Advice on showing your rabbit will also be included.
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31934-FieldGuideToRabbits.jpg (79957 bytes)
The Field Guide to Rabbits #31934
by Samantha & Johnson

The Field Guide to Rabbits by Samantha Johnson
over 200 color photographs, Hardbound, 144 pages    #31934
Over 47 detail-packed breed profiles
Highlights of differences in shapes, sizes, colors and fur varieties
Insights into bunny behavior & tips for showing your rabbits

47 detail-packed breed profiles • Highlights of differences in shapes, sizes, colors and fur varieties • Insights into bunny behavior and tips for showing your rabbits 
click here for more info & an excerpt

2011youth-studyGuide.jpg (74573 bytes)click here for more information & sample pages

Though ideal for a personal study manual, the Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide was specially designed for youth rabbit groups. Leaders appreciate the simple and attractive page layouts. Information is presented with charts and visual aids for quick comprehension. Because each page covers only one general topic, the book is essentially a collection of reproducible handouts! That’s right:
leaders may photocopy the pages for a lesson in a flash. With the Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide, blue ribbon rabbitry skills are simple to teach & simple to learn!

Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide #youthSG

Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide
a teaching tool for leaders or a personal study guide for individuals
by Ellyn Eddy  
The new Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide has been completely rewritten for 2011. The new edition includes judging contest tips from an ARBA judge, an ideas-for-leaders section, an expanded ARBA royalty study guide and more! Click the cover to learn more about this book which has guided hundreds of 4-H rabbit project members to success.
Contains over 70 pages of reproducible resources for youth leaders!
Rewritten for 2011, the Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide is your shortcut to success in the rabbit world. This book introduces you to the different options offered by the competitive rabbit hobby, helping you choose which activities would suit you best. This book provides a broad coverage of the basics of rabbit care, health, and breeding, then describes the fine points of higher competition. Study an illustrated 4-H rabbit showmanship guide, learn how to produce a tip-top market pen, and discover ARBA breed ID secrets from a winner of national breed ID competitions! The Study Guide tops it off with quizzes, tips on fair decor, and plenty of color photos.  Great for 4H groups!     

bunnySmarties.jpg (78291 bytes)
Bunny Smarties #BunSmart
over 70 Puzzles, Games & Activities

Bunny Smarties Rabbit Activity Book
The NEW Rabbit Activity Book 
over 70 Puzzles, Games & Activities
by Ellyn Eddy  
Designed for use by any rabbit lover.  
Great for summer fun or 4H groups!

ARBAdomesticRabbitGuide.jpg (72964 bytes)Domestic Rabbit Guide #domRabGuide
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Domestic Rabbit Guide
32 page booklet - 8.5 x 11 in

guidebk.jpg (82290 bytes)ARBA Official Guide to Raising Better Rabbits 
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ARBA Official Guide to Raising Better Rabbits

Rabbit Diseases by J Messner #disease-messner


Rabbit Diseases by Jack Messner
cause... prevention... treatment...
This book covers the causes, prevention and control of rabbit diseases. Specific diseases are listed with the cause, symptoms, and treatment. Author: Jack Messner. Soft cover, 78 pg., black and white photos & illustrations.
78 pages - soft cover

book_HistoryWhitman_front.jpg (61452 bytes)
Domestic Rabbits & Their Histories #RabHisARBA

Domestic Rabbits & Their Histories
by Bob Whitman  480 pages
From New York to New Zealand, Japan to Denmark, England to Africa
“Domestic Rabbits & Their Histories - Breeds of the World” by Bob Whitman
is being hailed as the most unique rabbit books ever written.
“Rarely has a new rabbit publication attracted so much interest & anticipation as Bob Whitman’s Domestic Rabbits & Their Histories, so it was a real pleasure that I was invited to peruse the section on the history of the Belgian Hare. I was not to be disappointed. This is a fascinating rags to riches story of how the original “crossbred looking” Hare came to be responsible for the great Belgian Hare boom in America where huge fortunes were made at the beginning of the 20th century.

Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits #storeyguide


Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits
by Bob Bennett

shipping weight 4 lb.

Raising Fishworms with Rabbits #wormbook


Raising Fishworms with Rabbits

shipping weight 1 lb.

book_houserabbit.jpg (31608 bytes)
House Rabbit Handbook #houserab

House Rabbit Handbook
NEW Fourth Edition
by Marinell Harriman  96 pages

The book that originated the term "House Rabbit" continues to be the mainstay
of rabbit understanding, appreciation, & care. Now in it third edition (10th printing)
 to keep pace with a more knowledgeable (since the first edition) & demanding
 readership. Diagram & photo illustrations cover heath care, litterbox training, diet,
 exercise, toys, & behavior. The accumulated insights of many caregivers help
to make life with a house rabbit mutually gratifying.

shipping weight 1 lb.

Rabbits USA 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
2017 Last Paper Issued Published!
Discontinued - Limited Supply on all Issues.
Rabbits USA Annual Magazines
2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 Sold Out

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RABBITS Magazine #RabusaMagGREEN
$10.00 $ALE $4.99

RABBITS Magazine
All About America's Favorite Pets - 128 pages
From the Editors of Rabbits USA. & Critters USA Magazines
shipping weight 1 lb.     #RabMag

*Bringing Home Bunny
*Must-Haves for Every Rabbit
*Raise a Rabbit that WANTS to Behave
Grooming Secrets from the Experts
*Medical Know-How to Save Your Rabbit's Life
& More Plus 100 Photos Inside

2012RabbitsUSA_mag.jpg (23823 bytes)
Rabbits USA 2012 #rabUSA12
$8.00 $ALE $4.99

Rabbits USA 2012 Annual Magazine
#rabUSA12    shipping weight 1 lb.

Rabbits USA 2012 Annual 
As an indispensable resource for first-time pet owners, Rabbits USA is packed with all the basics to educate beginners on the importance of good rabbit care and includes a directory of shelters, services and veterinarians.
Includes: 4 | From Habitat To Home Take cues from your rabbit to make its habitat into a home it's happy to live in. 14 | Easy Bunny-Proofing Keep your rabbit out of danger using these handy tips.  16 | How To Train Your Rabbit Be amazed at what your rabbit can do when you invest some training time with it. 24 | Foods To Make Rabbits Thrive Feed your rabbit right to maintain its health. 32 | Rabbit Fun & Games Plenty of playtime is one key to a well-behaved rabbit. 40 | Top Causes For Veterinary Visits Your rabbit could one day develop one of these common ailments that require a veterinary visit.  48 | The What & Why Of E. Cuniculi Get the 411 on this micro-organism that can cause illness in rabbits. 56 | Grooming For Good Health Grooming doesn't just help a rabbit look good, it helps it feel good. 64 | Rabbits That Rule! Check out the 10 most popular rabbit breeds. 74 | A Bunny By Any Other Name Tips for choosing the perfect name for your pet rabbit.  80 | Play Dates For Rabbits Healthy, mellow rabbits are enjoying fun times together.  90 | The World's Oldest Living Rabbit Meet the one-and-only Do, a Jersey Wooly that's nearly 16 years old and holds the title of oldest living rabbit in Guinness World Records.  92 | A Rabbit Beyond Compare From surviving potentially fatal health problems to enriching people's lives, Bunny Boy was remarkable. 

2011RabbitsUSA_mag.jpg (53022 bytes)
Rabbits USA 2011 #rabUSA11
$8.00 $ALE $4.99

Rabbits USA 2011 Annual Magazine
#rabUSA11    shipping weight 1 lb.

Rabbits USA 2011 Annual 
As an indispensable resource for first-time pet owners, Rabbits USA is packed with all the basics to educate beginners on the importance of good rabbit care and includes a directory of shelters, services and veterinarians.

Rabbits USA 2010 Magazine #rabUSA10
$8.00 $ALE $4.99

Rabbits USA 2010 Annual Magazine
#rabUSA10    shipping weight 1 lb.
limited supply

Rabbits USA 2010 Annual - Rabbit Real Estate 101 Newest bunny abodes are more spacious & sturdy than ever before. by Wendy Bedwell-Wilson
The Rabbit Menu Feeding your rabbit correctly goes a long way to keeping your pet healthy and happy.  Rabbit Fun And Games Make playtime fun for you and your pet rabbit by adjusting the rules to some classic games. Navigating Rabbit Litter Explore the history of litter to learn the types, uses and ways to litter train.  What Breed Is My Rabbit? These characteristics can help you identify your rabbit's breed or breeds.  Bad Bunny, Good Bunny Understanding your rabbit is the first step to encouraging behavior you want to see. 
Rabbit Personalities Deciphered Get to know the six main types of rabbit personalities. 
Saving Lives Through Fostering Some bunny lovers homes to help rabbits in need find their "forever homes." Medical Breakthroughs Rabbits can live longer lives thanks to advances in rabbit medicine in the past 15 years. BY SHARON VANDERLIP, DVM 
Hidden Toxins Is your rabbit safe from these eight "hidden" toxins? 
Catch Rabbit Fever A documentary about showing rabbits spreads rabbit fever across the land! 
Amazing Rabbits learned some English, hopped to their own "tune" & helped each other through tough times.  Breeding Basics Even the basics of breeding reveal that breeding rabbits correctly requires lots of work. 

2008RabbitsUSA_mag.jpg (254045 bytes)
Rabbits USA 2008 Magazine #rabUSA08
$8.00 $ALE $4.99

limited supply

Rabbits USA 2008 Annual Magazine
The Ultimate Guide To Buying & Caring for Pet Rabbits  -  80+ photos inside
#rabUSA08    shipping weight 1 lb.

Find Your Bunny-The Best Breed for You
Avoid the TOP 5 Causes of Death
Healthy Paws Happy Rabbit
The Basics & More About - Dwarf Breeds - Personality - Nutrition - Habitat
Rabbit-To-Rabbit Interactions - Litter Training

2007RabbitsUSA_mag.jpg (159028 bytes)
Rabbits USA 2007 magazine
$8.00 $ALE $4.99

Rabbits USA 2007 Annual Magazine
The Ultimate Guide To Buying & Caring for Pet Rabbits  -  85+ photos inside
#rabUSA07    shipping weight 1 lb.

The Secret Lives of Rabbits
Jumpstart Your Relationship - Playdates & Playmates, Fun With Toys
Fresh Food Guide -  And Treats all Bunnies Eat - 14 Breeds You'll Love
Abscesses -  Is your bunny at risk? - Photo Contest

rabbitsUSAmag2006.jpg (179126 bytes)
Rabbits USA 2006 magazine
$8.00 $ALE $4.99

Rabbits USA 2006 Annual Magazine
The Ultimate Guide To Buying & Caring for Pet Rabbits  -  100+ photos inside
#rabUSA06    shipping weight 1 lb.

How to Deal with an Aggressive Rabbit - Extreme Rabbit Home Makeover
Grow Your Own Garden Delicacies - Lose the Fat the diet that works
T Touch For Rabbits - What is T Touch, how does it work?
Mold Alert-Where it is, what it does & how you can stop it!
Bunny See, Bunny Do-What rabbits teach each other
Get your Cage Clinger Out of the Cage
Reader Photo Contest plus Lots More

rabbitsUSAmag2005.jpg (186704 bytes)
Rabbits USA 2005 magazine
$8.00 $ALE $4.99

Rabbits USA 2005 Annual Magazine
  The Ultimate Guide To Buying & Caring for Pet Rabbits
80+ photos inside 
Are you raising a Junkfood Addict? - Home Repair for Rabbit Owners
Meet the Lionhead (& other breeds) - Healthy Teeth Healthy Bunny
Spot the Signs of Head Tilt - Keep Rabbit Allergies in Check
Reader Photo Contest plus Lots More
shipping weight 1 lb.

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