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Are you interested in the world of rabbit raising, but don’t know where to dig in? The competitive rabbit hobby is increasing its benefits for young rabbit breeders, and you need a mentor to show you how to quickly make the most of them. In addition to the age-old rewards of properly caring for animals, today’s programs such as 4-H rabbit clubs, scholarships, and ARBA youth contests give young rabbit project members a chance to sharpen their skills and enjoy some friendly competition. Contests such as 4-H showmanship and ARBA royalty are growing in popularity. To excel quickly, you need someone to show you the ropes. Now Rabbit Smarties Publishers offers you that mentor– paperback style. 
Rewritten for 2011, the Youth Rabbit Project Study Guide is your shortcut to success in the rabbit world. This book introduces you to the different options offered by the competitive rabbit hobby, helping you choose which activities would suit you best. This book provides a broad coverage of the basics of rabbit care, health, and breeding, then describes the fine points of higher competition. Study an illustrated 4-H rabbit showmanship guide, learn how to produce a tip-top market pen, and discover ARBA breed ID secrets from a winner of national breed ID competitions! The Study Guide tops it off with quizzes, tips on fair decor, and plenty of color photos. What’s new in the 2011 Edition? Guide to choosing your course in the rabbit world. Expanded Breed ID Guide Judging contest tips from judge Keelyn Hanlon Additional leader’s tips Polish Breed Judging Handout Rabbit Royalty Practice Questions Updated to reflect 2011 Standard of Perfection More artwork, more photos, more info!

The Study Guide Contains: 
Description of every recognized breed 
Basic rabbit care information 
Glossary of rabbit terms 
“Is your bunny healthy?” checklist 
Breeding know-how for the beginner 
“Making Sense of Meat Projects” 
12 different judging process handouts 
Actual show entry form and contest forms 
6-page Illustrated rabbit showmanship guide 
4 pages of showmanship Q & A 
5 pages of rabbit and cavy identification tips 
Quizzes with answer key 
70+ color photos and more!

71 Pages, comb bound.  Printed in color.
Sample Pages