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Grooming Aids
Combs -
Rotating Pin Comb
Micro Trimmer - Cage Cleaner Spray
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Poodle Comb
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Safari Small

Safari Shed
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Lil Pal Comb
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Lil Pal Combs

Shedding Comb
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Millers Forge
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All Metal
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Rotating Teeth

Cage Cleaner

Four Paws

Small Fine Comb

Vista Shedding

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Safari Flea
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Úlan Rolling Pins
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B-Air Power Dryer

Grooming Aids 1
Kevlar Sleeve
Groom Glove - Slick N Easy
Resting Mat
Foot Pad
Grooming Aids 2
Roller Combs
Power Dryer-Blower
Micro Trimmer
Cage Cleaner Spray
Grooming Aids 3
Nail Trimmers
Kwik Stop Bleed
Litter Pans
WeeWee Pads
Bitter Apple
Grooming Aids 4
Grooming TABLES
Rabbit Toys
Beds - Hut

Beds, Sleep Pad & Mats
Balls, Chew Toys, Tunnels
Bed, HideAHut
Hayrack, Hay Ball

Folding Stripping Comb  #iacg
wooden handle with steel blade
SALE $8.99

click on pictures for larger view
iacg.jpg (25353 bytes)

Millers Forge
Elan Comb with Rolling Pins 
$11.00 SALE $6.49

955-2.jpg (17702 bytes)

Poodle Comb  #UWP3-jef
Ultimate coarse comb with wooden handle
Generous 8-3/4-inch size makes it ideal for medium, long and thick-coated breeds 
Wide-set hardened steel teeth are 1-1/4-inch long.
poodleComb3.jpg (12007 bytes)8.75 in long with 1 1/4 in teeth 
$11.00 SALE $5.49

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Conair Palm Pro Micro Trimmer #microTrim
Small, compact palm-sized trimmer for face, ears, and paws 
Quiet, battery-powered (AAA) unit - Fits in the palm of your hand and easily hidden
great for trimming skittish animals
Includes 2 comb attachments, plus lubricating oil, cleaning brush and 1 AAA battery.
SALE $17.19

MicroTrimmer.jpg (74190 bytes)


Plastic Handled Shedding Comb #uwc9
Quality Chrome Teeth with high impact plastic handles.  7.5 inches long
$8.00 SALE $4.59



Small Safari Comb by Coastal #co0558
This comb is an excellent finishing comb. 
Specially designed for small to medium dogs with fine to medium coats. 
The long teeth penetrate to the root of the hair. 
For dogs with undercoats, use in combination with a Safari slicker.

4.5 in long
- Stainless Steel 

$10.00 SALE $6.49

click on pictures for larger view

only 4 1/2 inches long

Coastal Pet - Safari Shedding Comb #co00563
Shedding comb with wood handle

The Shedding comb is an excellent tool for breaking up and removing mats.
The special skip tooth design lifts out loose hair. 
The long teeth penetrate deep into the undercoat, while the short teeth collect the loose hair. 
The smooth rounded teeth are gentle to the skin. 
For heavily matted hair, use this comb and a rake or slicker to remove mat

$12.00 SALE $7.49


Four Paws
Fine tooth comb w/wood handle
Discontinued Only a Few Left!! 
$10.00 SALE $5.99

click on pictures for larger view

Coastal Li'l Pals
Shedding Comb 
less than 5 inches long!
$6.00 SALE $3.69

lilpal_CombShed.jpg (17432 bytes)
Lil Pals Combs    Lil Pals
nail scissor & file
Lil Pals Brushes

Coastal Lil Pal
Double Comb
less than 5 inches long!
$6.49 SALE $4.29


Safari Flea Comb  #co0560
$7.00 SALE $4.49
W560.jpg (32456 bytes)

Millers Forge Vista
Shedding Comb 
(Pat's favorite comb for removing mats)
$10.00 SALE $4.99


Millers Forge Fine Tooth Comb with Handle #MF405C
$10.00 SALE $5.79

405C-comb.jpg (34191 bytes)
 Evolution Flea Comb (does not have rolling teeth)
Short Comb - #co06163
SALE $5.39
W6163.jpg (53042 bytes)
Coastal Evolution Pet Roller Comb
W6164.jpg (65109 bytes) Evolution Rotating Pins Medium Comb #co06164
$11.00 SALE $4.99
Discontinued! Limited Stock

W6165.jpg (62165 bytes) Evolution Rotating Teeth Shedding Comb #co06165
$11.00 SALE $4.99

Pins Rotate While Grooming
Untangles Pet's Coat
Removes Loose Hair
Rotating teeth/pins penetrate easily,
going deep into the coat & undercoat 
to remove tangles & mats. Teeth/pins are rounded,
so they are gentle to the skin.
click below for video demonstration
rotating teeth comb, rotating pins comb
comb_rotating pins.jpg (15531 bytes)

Coastal Safari Double-Sided Flea Comb #co061702
plastic comb measures 3 1/2 inches long
$3.00 SALE $1.69

W6170.jpg (45664 bytes)
Plastic Handle Fine Teeth Comb  #605v
$5.00 SALE $3.59

NEW All Metal 7.5 inch Comb #jef-uwcc
 teeth 1 inch long comb measures 7.5 inches long
$8.00 SALE $2.99

uwcc-comb.jpg (17162 bytes)

50% OFF!
SALE B-Air Power Dryer Blower #bair
$199.00 SALE $99.00

BairFidoGrn.jpg (585904 bytes)BairFidoTurq.jpg (587932 bytes)bairFidoPink.jpg (24360 bytes)BairFidoPurp.jpg (584510 bytes)
Lime Green
Hot Pink

SALE!!bairFidoAll.jpg (48344 bytes)
NEW B-Air Fido Power Dryer Blower #drop-bairFido
The B-Air Cesar Milan Fido Max 1 offers powerful drying capability in a lightweight, easy to carry size. Constructed of high-impact ABS plastic for durability, the Fido Max 1 weighs in at only 7.8 lbs. The two-speed motor is insulated for quiet operation. The high RPM on the turbine motor warms the air by approximately 20 degrees Fahrenheit without a heating element. Rubberized feet keep the unit stable during operation. Removable filters are washable for easy cleaning and keep the unit free of pet hair and debris. The Fido Max 1 comes with a set of four nozzles. The slot nozzle is for long coated animals to prevent knotting while drying. The cone is used for the deepest drying and is great on very thick coated animals. The brush nozzle is designed for de-shedding the coat. The airflow nozzle allows more airflow for drying small animals and sensitive areas such as ears and face. This is a compact and light weight with a built-in handle, the Fido Max 1 can go anywhere. C-ETL-US Approved. Specifications: 2 HP, 115V motor 33,000 FPM 7.4 amps Two speeds 7.8 lbs 6 foot hose 165 CFM 10 foot cord.
Color: Lime Green, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Purple

Clean Cage Safe Deodorizer (16 oz spray) #sp63062

$9.00 SALE $5.89

Clean Cage Safe Deodorizer Spray
Clean Cage is a fresh smelling formula to safely clean and deodorize your small animal's home. The non-toxic cleaner and deodorizer contains a unique combination of environmentally safe cleansing agents plus refreshing odor control properties to safely clean and sanitize your pet's home and accessories.(#63062)

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