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We know from experience that being a 4H project leader, or even a teen leader, takes a lot of work and commitment.  So, to make your job easier, we introduce you to the new YOUTH RABBIT PROJECT STUDY GUIDE, containing 70 pages of reproducible resources for youth leaders!  Teaching your 4Hers suddenly becomes simple: merely find the page that pertains to your topic, run off a few copies, and distribute them to your members!  Not only is this information easy to teach, its easy to learn!  Information is explained and then summarized in unique charts and graphs for easy understanding.  Look below for sample pages to download.
         Over 60 full-color pictures;
         Complete coverage of showing, breeding, care, and health;
         Illustrated showmanship guide with Q&A;
         Making Sense of Meat Pens step-by-step;
         Breed ID and cavy ID tips from a national breed ID winner;
         12 different Showing-Made-Simple handouts;
         A complete guide to choosing your breed,
         and much more!

71 Pages, comb bound.  Printed in color.

Released in April 2008, this publication, like RABBIT SMARTIES, has seen excellent sales.  Part of the attraction to this book is that it is based on the principle that truly understanding the rabbit project is essential to success.  The YOUTH RABBIT PROJECT STUDY GUIDE does not only provide complete, easy-to-learn information on raising and showing rabbits; it also motivates members to develop their skills, practice proper showman ethics, and always strive for the top not only on show day.
Sample Pages