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Ken Pen Cordless Tattoo Pen
An excellent tool for a permanent tattoo or repairing an older tattoo.
2 extra needles (under the Ken Pen holding foam)

First time users should practice on an orange.
When tattooing a rabbit, be sure to clean the ear first with rubbing alcohol.
(simply wipe the ear with alcohol-being careful not to make the ear raw by rubbing).
After the alcohol dries, apply a very thin layer of Vaseline on the ear.
Place a few drops of ink in the special weighted ink well.
Hold the Ken Pen as you would a normal pen or pencil so there is a slight angle.
Push down on the switch.  Dip the pen into the ink well (not longer than 3 seconds).
Then SLOW & STEADY.  You will need to go over each line several times.
If you move the pen too quickly you will not get a good tattoo.
Gently blot out any extra ink and apply a thin layer of Vaseline or Bag Balm cream.

A good tattoo requires the correct amount of pressure.
Too much can be painful for the rabbit.
Not enough and your tattoo won’t come out properly.
With a little practice you’ll learn exactly how much pressure is required.
A good tattoo also requires fresh quality India ink.

CLEANING of your Ken Pen must be preformed at the end of each use.
Simply run the tip of your pen in rubbing alcohol for 15 to 20 seconds and wipe clean.
Run clean Ken Pen in tissue.  It should be clean of ink.  Repeat if necessary.
Make sure the tip is dry when done.
If your needle gets stuck, rotate the needle manually by turning the wheel that is attached to the motor.  You may have to remove the tip and soak it

Your Ken Pen comes with two extra needles (under the Ken Pen holding foam).  When your needle becomes dull, it can be sharpened or replaced.

Needle Sharpening
You may sharpen the needle using a sharpening stone or other suitable abrasive. (ex: a sanding disk in a hobby grinder) Some breeders use fine sanding paper and simply wipe the needle across the paper with the same motion you use if you were peeling a carrot. The final sharpened point should project approximately 1/8" from the pen in the fully extended position.

Needle Replacement
To replace needle with replacement needles provided, remove old needle, unscrew the tip of the pen, slide in new needle, replace tip. 
To replace with unbent needle, clean the pen and needle thoroughly then remove the old needle. Using your old needle as a pattern, first place a small mark with a sharpie at the point where the needle should be bent. Take the new needle and bend the unsharpened end at a 90 degree angle in the same place as the old needle. To bend, I use two pair of needle nose pliers. I hold the needle at the mark with one pair and then bend the needle with the other pair. Next cut off the excess with a pair of wire cutters so that it looks like the old needle. (sturdy toenail trimmers will also work) Then thread the needle back through the pen and replace tip.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email or call us.

Not for use on humans.


Unconditional warranty for a period of one year from date of purchase.
Warranty states your Ken Pen is free from defects in workmanship & materials.
Not covered by warranty -battery, needle or damage from mistreatment.

Please submit all warranty problems to:
Include your name, date of purchase, order number, address and phone number.
via email: bunnies@bunnyrabbit.com
via mail:
51 Sun Valley Drive , Spring Branch   TX   78070

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