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Condo Cage
Cage Kits with legs & pan goto stack cages
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Doorguard, Urine Guard
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cageWpan.jpg (71185 bytes)30in x 24in x 22in tall
Galvanized After Wire
4 inch recess floor + Duratray
goto Cage Kit with Pan
cageWpan.jpg (71185 bytes)
goto Cage Kit with Pan
1 Compartment Cage-16x24
Cage sets down into 16x24 pan.
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1compt-1624Black.jpg (363493 bytes)1 Compartment Cage #1compt-1624
16" x 24" x 13"h
16" x 24" x 2.5"  plastic pan
1in x 2in lid, 1in x 1in sides
1/2in x 1in floor, floor recessed 2"

Cage with Slider Pan Wabbitat
Clean Cage Safe
Deodorizer Spray

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cleanCageSP63062.jpg (6481 bytes)Clean Cage Safe Deodorizer Spray
Clean Cage is a fresh smelling formula to safely clean & deodorize your small animal's home. The non-toxic cleaner and deodorizer contains a unique combination of environmentally safe cleansing agents plus refreshing odor control properties to safely clean and sanitize your pet's home.(#63062)
condo_cagetop.jpg (109225 bytes)condo_cage4.jpg (87769 bytes)
24in x 24in wide
2 story cage with Loft
24in x 24in wide x 30in tall
Lots of room for your bunny!
Has two 24 inch by 24 inch levels plus an added ramp going to the loft!
Made from long lasting galvanized wire. 1inx2in wire sides - 1/2inx1in wire floors
includes: partially assembled cage kit, door guard, easy to clean - slide out plastic pan, c-rings & c-ring pliers for assembly.  
Ramp and ramp opening measure 6in wide. Loft measures 12x12x6in high.
Measures 24" x 24" x 30"H     Please allow 7-10 business days for construction.
legs & casters ca
n be purchased separately below
condo cage instructions click here to goto urine guards
casters.jpg (99706 bytes)
size should match width of cage
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Heavy Duty Casters
Powdercoat legs & tray slides
solid rubber 3in x 1/2in wheels on steel ball bearings
can be attached to sides of condo cage or pet cage kits listed below
(18 inches tall)

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Powdercoat legs & tray slides 
size should match width of cage
can be attached to sides of condo cage (18 inches tall)

Heavy Duty Casters
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Heavy Duty Casters - set of 4
solid rubber 3in x 1/2in wheels on steel ball bearings
casters.jpg (99706 bytes)

can be attached to legs above

Playpen   play pen

Exercise Pen
Exercise Pen Cover
fits Prevue Exercise Pen above
#766501002614  mr00261
$40.00 SALE price $21.99

playpen_cover.jpg (53585 bytes)playpen_cover2.jpg (137719 bytes)
Marshall Exercise Pen Cover or Mat
Fits Prevue or Marshall Exercise Pen above.
Marshall's Play Pen Floor Mat is ideal for use with Play Pens inside or outside the home. Use inside underneath the Play Pen to protect carpeting from digging and accidents. Outside, it's great as a cover to protect pets from direct sunlight and birds of prey. Velcro straps attach it directly to the Play Pen for added security.
shipping weight 5 lbs.

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