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Bunny Rabbit Necklace
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Bunny Rabbit
Necklace Cameos & More
lamp-RedBunWheart.jpg (73476 bytes)
Bunny Rabbit
Necklace 1
ne575sv.jpg (17026 bytes)FO-MDblue.jpg (44183 bytes)
 Sterling Necklace & Chains
CH162_AngelBunny2.jpg (42652 bytes)
14K Pendant
Mammoth Ivory Netsuke
R0219L-Neck1-2.jpg (62051 bytes)
Christine Koch Necklace
CM_bunnyWcarrots2.jpg (127304 bytes)
Necklace Eyeglass/ID Holder
eyeglsnck_hrt_turqcrackle.jpg (118183 bytes)

NEW Handmade Necklaces 1
FOpink_pinkFOsilvHrtExt.jpg (69943 bytes)

NEW Handmade Necklaces 2
FOltbluepend_ltbluedruk_pewter.jpg (95153 bytes)

NEW Handmade Necklaces 3
sodalite_qtz_lapis16_2.jpg (17861 bytes)

CloseOut SALE
Necklace with Cross
Cross_2LeapingRabbit_BlueQtz1.jpg (42102 bytes)
Necklaces Handmade2
blueporc_silver.jpg (78845 bytes)
Necklaces Handmade3
FOpurp_pendPurpCrystl_Iris24-1.jpg (56363 bytes)
Necklaces Handmade 4
sodalite_pearl.jpg (31092 bytes)

Jade Necklaces


Rabbit Pocket Watch on 31 inch chain
quartz movement, stainless steel case
watch-pocket-dutchTeapot.jpg (30675 bytes)watch-dutchNecklace.jpg (91660 bytes)watch-pocket-dutchTeapot2.jpg (40856 bytes)

Rabbit Pocket Watch
on 31 inch chain
watch meaures 1in wide

  watch-brownBunWcrystals.jpg (53840 bytes)click here to goto more watches

Genuine Pearl Necklace with Jade Rabbit
14 inch Necklace

 pearlJade14in.jpg (84815 bytes)

Genuine Pearl Necklace with Jade Rabbit
12 inch Necklace
 pearlJade12in.jpg (86304 bytes)

cameo_5bunnie-wireWrapped.jpg (82582 bytes)
Copper Wire Wrapped Porcelain Cameo Necklace
One of a Kind
5 Rabbits in Barnyard on 24" chain

lamp-RedBunWheart.jpg (73476 bytes)Handcrafted by Jonté - One of a Kind #lampNeck-redBunHrt
Lampwork Bunny Necklace by Jonté - $35.00
Red Bunny with White Heart on 18" chain with toggle clasp

lamp-dotbun2.jpg (60845 bytes)lamp-dotbun2-2.jpg (65885 bytes)
Handcrafted by Jonté -
One of a Kind #lampNeck-spotBun
Lampwork Bunny Necklace by Jonté - $40.00
Spotted Bunny with Flower on 18" chain with toggle clasp

lamp-bunwing2.jpg (63250 bytes)lamp-bunwing3.jpg (79951 bytes)
Lampwork Bunny Necklace by Jonté - $35.00
White Bunny Angel
on 18" chain with toggle clasp #lampNeck-angel

lamp-whitebouquetbun3.jpg (68107 bytes)lampwork-WhiteBunnyWflowers2.jpg (168032 bytes)
Hand Crafted One of a Kind
Lampwork Bunny Necklace by Jonté - $40.00
Bunny with Flowers on 18" chain with toggle clasp 

lampwork-absintheFairyBunny.jpg (174722 bytes)lampwork-GreenFairyBunny.jpg (35946 bytes)
Handcrafted by Jonté - One of a Kind
Lampwork Rabbit Absynthe Bunny Fairy - $35.00
on 18 inch coppertone chain SOLD
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Natural Shell, Jade, Agate Necklaces
shell-LeapingWcabbage.jpg (24376 bytes)jade-luckyAmulet.jpg (33153 bytes)agate-greenEtched.jpg (88138 bytes)jade-2rabbits-brown.jpg (61727 bytes)
agate-redWbeads3.jpg (84290 bytes)agate-redWbeads.jpg (111128 bytes)
Red Agate Pendant with
Hand Etched Rabbit & Beads
on 23 inch beaded necklace
pendant measures 1 1/2 in diameter
click here to purchase
agate-red2.jpg (42561 bytes)agate-red.jpg (70069 bytes)
Red Agate Pendant with Hand Etched Rabbit
on 16-18 inch beaded necklace
pendant measures 1 1/8 in wide
pinkCrystalBunnyNecklace.jpg (44986 bytes) Pink Crystal Bunny - $15.00 
on 18 inch goldtone chain
3 Escargots Dichroic Glass one of a kind
English Spot - Checkered Giant
Spotted Rabbit Pendant  Silver
aprx 1 x 1 inch  $30.00
Dichroic Rabbit Pendant Dichroic Rabbit Earrings
Dichroic Rabbit Bracelet Dichroic Rabbit Ring
other Dichroic Pendants available $25 each
Dichroic_DwarfRainbow1.jpg (22402 bytes)Dichroic_blueBunny2.jpg (47041 bytes)Dichroic_LopSpotSilver.jpg (110899 bytes)
Spotted Rabbit Dichroic Pendant
 Dichroic_EnglishSpotSilver.jpg (41132 bytes)
goto more Dichroic Pendants
RabbitShell.jpg (82985 bytes)spd202-RabbitShellPendant.JPG (4523 bytes)spd202-HORSE.JPG (5157 bytes) Rabbit or Horse
Natural Shell Pendant
on 18 inch goldtone chain
One of a Kind Vintage Bunny Rabbit Cameo Locket
with Swarovski Crystals or Pearls
cameo_locketSwar-2Dwarf.jpg (38101 bytes) cameo-swar-WhiteWcarrot.jpg (91018 bytes)  cameo-pearl-BrownRabbits.jpg (85783 bytes) cameo-swar-2AngelWbunnies.jpg (22158 bytes)
2 Rabbits
 Rabbit w Carrot
2 Rabbits w Pearls
2 Angels w Pearls
The hinge and closure mechanism are in new condition. 
 locket aprx 1.85 x 1.5 in with 40x30mm cameo on 24 in goldtone chain
solid brass locket new stock from 40's era with fired porcelain cameo
The outside of the lockets has been polished, may be a scuff here or there.  
cameo-swar-bunWfruit.jpg (101530 bytes) cameo-swar-Abstract.jpg (94243 bytes) cameo-swar-WhiteRabbits.jpg (99821 bytes) cameo-swar-WhiteRabbits.jpg (99821 bytes)
Bunny w Fruit
Abstract Rabbit
Snow Bunnies
Snow Bunnies
locket_steel_outline_bunny.jpg (18074 bytes)locket_steel_outline_bunny1.jpg (55845 bytes)locket_sm_back.jpg (22855 bytes) Silver Steel Finish
Bunny Small Locket
locket approx. 1 1/8 in tall
on 18 inch
Steel Finish Chain

Rabbits Field
cameo_BunsBerryBasket_locket.jpg (52153 bytes)

cameo_BunnyPuppy.jpg (96063 bytes)

Bunny Daisies
cameo_2Rabbits_locketAntique.jpg (34863 bytes)
2 Rabbits

Shy Bunny
cameo_BabyBunny2_antiqLoc.jpg (38724 bytes)
Baby Rabbit
cameo_RabbitStand-top_locketAntiq.jpg (86318 bytes)
Stand Rabbit
cameo_2NewRabbits_locketAntique.jpg (41774 bytes)
Rabbits on Hill
cameo_DesertRabbit-GoldLocket.jpg (94139 bytes)
Desert Hare
cameo_2BunDaisies-locket.jpg (29310 bytes)
2 Buns w Daisies
cameo_WhiteRabbitCarrot-silverLocket.jpg (28191 bytes)
Rabbit w Carrot
cameo-hare.jpg (52927 bytes)
Hare Rabbit  
cameo_BunFlowerLG-locket.jpg (33187 bytes)
cameo_4bun_locketAntique.jpg (130058 bytes)
Rabbits Fence 
cameo_3RabbitBarnyard.jpg (30097 bytes)
Buns Barnyard
cameo-RabbitRun.jpg (112014 bytes)
Running Rabbit
16 Bunny Rabbit Cameo Designs
Antique Gold, Gold or Silver
locket aprx 1.85 in tall x 1.5 in wide- with 40x30mm cameo
(no refunds or exchanges on cameo jewelry)
locket_back_ALL.jpg (80206 bytes) locket-antiqSilv.jpg (98820 bytes) chain-gold.jpg (50144 bytes) chain-curb.jpg (5411 bytes) chain-antiq.jpg (86972 bytes)
AntqGold/Gold/Silver Antique Silver Cobra     Juliet    Curb Antique Cable

Large Cameo Locket on Chain
Limited Stock!  Only One of some Designs.


cameo-13x18berrybun.jpg (21108 bytes)cameo-13x18ALL.jpg (121057 bytes)cameo-13x18silver.jpg (56117 bytes)
Listed as 5 lockets pictured above
Baby Bunny, Brown Rabbit,  Sm Brown Rabbit,
Bunny w/Berry, White & Brown Bunny  

Small Bunny Cameo Locket on 18 inch Necklace
no returns or exchanges on this item
locket aprx 1.1 in tall with 18x13mm cameo
cameo_2BunDaisies.jpg (50387 bytes)cameo-bunberrybskt-slvr.jpg (77606 bytes)cameo-bunWatercan.jpg (150871 bytes) Bunny Rabbit
Cameo Necklace
aprx 2" tall

on 24 inch goldtone or silvertone chain

Cameo Pins
porc_EC_Rabbit_beige.jpg (23737 bytes)porc_EC_Rabbit_white.jpg (21765 bytes) Hand Painted Porcelain Rabbit Necklace
pendant is 2x1.5 inches
Artwork by Earlynn Collier
on 24 inch goldtone cobra chain
Discontinued-Limited Stock

$15.00 - Beige Rabbit

$15.00 White/Grey Rabbit
CH162_AngelBunny_snakechain.jpg (103320 bytes)CH162_AngelBunny.jpg (21990 bytes)
click here for more sterling silver necklaces
Sterling Silver
Angel Bunny
pendant approx. 5/8 in tall
on 18 inch Snake Chain

on 18 inch Box Chain

CM_2bunniesWflags.jpg (32304 bytes)
matching earrings

more designs by Christine

2 Bunnies with
US Flags Necklace
on 26" adjustable cord
Christine Monroe Designs
bunnies aprx 1 1/2" tall
SSbun2pearl_18inBox.jpg (14267 bytes) Sterling Silver Bunny
with Freshwater Pearls
aprx 1 inch tall
on 18 in box chain

Swarovski Crystal Rabbit discontinued limited supply

Clear Swarovski Crystal Rabbit
with Sterling Silver bail and 18 inch Sterling Silver Box Chain
Only a Few Left!

Clear Swarovski Crystal Rabbit
on 18 inch Gold Plated Chain
Only a Few Left!

Swarovski Crystal Rabbit discontinued limited supply
swar_frost_gold.jpg (26595 bytes)

Frosted Swarovski Crystal Rabbit
with Sterling Silver bail and 18 inch Sterling Silver Box Chain

Frosted Swarovski Crystal Rabbit
with Gold Filled bail and 18 inch Gold Plated Chain

jade_XL_laying.jpg (34859 bytes) Hand Carved Jade
XL Laying Rabbit Pendant
1 5/8 in x 1 in
on 18 inch Snake Chain


jade_XL_situp.jpg (37760 bytes)Hand Carved Jade
XL Situp Jade Rabbit Necklace
1 3/4 in x 1 1/8 in on 18 inch Snake Chain

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