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Handmade Necklaces New 1
all handmade necklaces are made with love by Pat Vanecek stone meanings are from http://www.shinyfinds.com/gemstonemeaning.html or
the Inner You Website http://www.peganet.com/mirnet/commercial/inneryou/crystals.html 

Rabbit T-Shirts & Posters
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Bunny Rabbit
Necklace Cameos & More
lamp-RedBunWheart.jpg (73476 bytes)
Bunny Rabbit
Necklace 1
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 Sterling Necklace & Chains
CH162_AngelBunny2.jpg (42652 bytes)
14K Pendant
Ivory Netsuke
R0219L-Neck1-2.jpg (62051 bytes)
Christine Koch Necklace
CM_bunnyWcarrots2.jpg (127304 bytes)
Necklace Eyeglass/ID Holder
eyeglsnck_hrt_turqcrackle.jpg (118183 bytes)

NEW Handmade Necklaces 1
FOpink_pinkFOsilvHrtExt.jpg (69943 bytes)

NEW Handmade Necklaces 2
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NEW Handmade Necklaces 3
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Necklace with Cross
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Necklaces Handmade2
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Necklaces Handmade3
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Necklaces Handmade 4
sodalite_pearl.jpg (31092 bytes)

Jade Necklaces

Pink Fiber Optic (Cats Eye)
Rabbit Necklace

w 4mm Grade A Fiber Optic beads
silver lined bugle beads
Heart Lobster Claw Clasp
& Sterling Silver Heart Chain 2 inch Extension
15-17 inch Necklace
FOpink_pinkFOsilvHrtExt.jpg (69943 bytes)
matching bracelet
Genuine Amethyst Rabbit

with 6mm & 4mm Lilac Czech Crystal
fancy silver tube bead
3mm Silver corrugated beads
Heart Toggle Clasp
18 inch Necklace
amethyst_Crystal_silv18.jpg (27175 bytes)amethyst_Crystal_silv18-2.jpg (22023 bytes)
Opalized Glass
Rabbit Necklace

with Genuine 5mm Swarovski Crystal beads
3x5mm Mother Of Pearl, 3mm silver plated round
& Heart Clasp
18 inch Necklace
opaliz_SwarBlueMOP18.jpg (121823 bytes)
Light Blue Fiber Optic
Rabbit Necklace

with silver lined seed beads
6mm Cut Out Silver beads
20 inch Necklace
FOltblue_ltblueseed_silvCutout20.jpg (37116 bytes)FOltblue_ltblueseed_silvCutout20-2.jpg (33895 bytes)
Sterling Silver Rabbit on
12mm Genuine Amethyst
Sterling Silver Necklace

w/5mm Genuine Swarovski Bicone Bead
5x3mm Sterling Silver Rondelle spacer beads
3mm Sterling Silver beads
Sterling Silver Heart Toggle Clasp
20 inch Necklace
amethystSS_swarovski_Sterling20.jpg (130761 bytes)
Ojime Standing Rabbit
w/4mm & 6mm Genuine Blue Quartz
& fancy silver plate spacer beads
with heart toggle clasp
24 inch Necklace
ojime measures 1.2 in tall

ojime_bluequartz24insm.jpg (41073 bytes)ojime_blueqtzBun.jpg (13486 bytes)