all handmade with love by Pat Vanecek
all stone meanings are from the Inner You Website
Necklaces on memory wire do not have clasps.
They just wrap around your neck as a choker and will fit any size!
If you would prefer the necklace with a closure clasp
please let us know under "Special Order Instructions" during your CheckOut.
Bunny Rabbit
Necklace Cameos & More
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Bunny Rabbit
Necklace 1
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 Sterling Necklace & Chains
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14K Pendant
Ivory Netsuke
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Christine Koch Necklace
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Necklace Eyeglass/ID Holder
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NEW Handmade Necklaces 1
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NEW Handmade Necklaces 2
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NEW Handmade Necklaces 3
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CloseOut SALE
Necklace with Cross
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Necklaces Handmade2
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Necklaces Handmade3
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Necklaces Handmade 4
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Jade Necklaces

Light Blue Fiber Optic Bunny
with 4x4 light blue glass cube beads
silver lined clear glass beads &
3mm silver-plated beads
inch Necklace
FOltblue_blueCube_Silv16.jpg (132904 bytes)
Porcelain Rabbit
with 8mm cobalt blue
Czech glass beads,
& 4mm silver-plated beads
15 inch Necklace


blueporc_silver.jpg (78845 bytes)
Blue & White
Porcelain Rabbit

with 6mm carved rock crystal beads,
6mm carved rock crystal beads,
gold-plated beads &
2.5mm cobalt blue beads
16 inch Necklace


bluporc_crystal.jpg (88373 bytes)

Rock Crystal is a Universal conduit. Amplifies, focuses, stores, transforms, energies. Perfect for focusing affirmations and prayers. Stimulates psychic perception. Teaches each person at their own level, and at their own speed. Empowers.
Aventurine Rabbit
with 8mm cloisonné,
4mm African Jade,
4mm white fiber optic &
gold-plated beads
15 inch Necklace

avent_clois.jpg (65973 bytes)

Aventurine is the "Healer of the heart and soul." Balances masculine and feminine energies. Creativity, Leadership, and fun. Assists one in making the "right" decisions. Surrounds the user in a blanket of Love. Protects Helps heal the Heart, lungs, and adrenals.
Porcelain Blue Bunny
w/4-5mm lapis, 10x6mm quartz
lg seed bead & 3mm silver beads
18 inch Necklace

blueporc_lapis_crystal.jpg (54637 bytes)
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matching bracelet
Lapis Lazuli-Psychic facilitator. Used by ancient Egyptians  to access sacred knowledge. Cleanses the mind body and spirit of toxins and negativity. Key words are: will, perfection, awareness. Encourages integrity in relationships. Strengthens the immune system. 6th chakra. Sagittarius, and Aries stone. #1,#7, and #9 vibrations.
Pink Porcelain Rabbit
with 8x5mm rose quartz brick,
8x5 mother of pearl oval,
& 3mm gold plated beads
gold plated heart toggle closure
17 inch Necklace

pinkporc_roseqtzMOP.jpg (74277 bytes)
Rose Quartz "Stone of warmth and love" Heals emotional pain with it's gentle calming salve. Balances Yin and Yang. Opens the heart to the beauty within and without Cherubic energies are attracted to the user, protecting, and dissolving negativity. Attunes to 4th chakra. Taurus and Libra stone. #2, and #6 vibrations.
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