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Bunny Rabbit Necklace 1
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Bunny Rabbit
Necklace Cameos & More
lamp-RedBunWheart.jpg (73476 bytes)
Bunny Rabbit
Necklace 1
ne575sv.jpg (17026 bytes)FO-MDblue.jpg (44183 bytes)
 Sterling Necklace & Chains
CH162_AngelBunny2.jpg (42652 bytes)
14K Pendant
Mammoth Ivory Netsuke
R0219L-Neck1-2.jpg (62051 bytes)
Christine Koch Necklace
CM_bunnyWcarrots2.jpg (127304 bytes)
Necklace Eyeglass/ID Holder
eyeglsnck_hrt_turqcrackle.jpg (118183 bytes)

NEW Handmade Necklaces 1
FOpink_pinkFOsilvHrtExt.jpg (69943 bytes)

NEW Handmade Necklaces 2
FOltbluepend_ltbluedruk_pewter.jpg (95153 bytes)

NEW Handmade Necklaces 3
sodalite_qtz_lapis16_2.jpg (17861 bytes)

CloseOut SALE
Necklace with Cross
Cross_2LeapingRabbit_BlueQtz1.jpg (42102 bytes)
Necklaces Handmade2
blueporc_silver.jpg (78845 bytes)
Necklaces Handmade3
FOpurp_pendPurpCrystl_Iris24-1.jpg (56363 bytes)
dedhamBunSit.jpg (288417 bytes)
Hade Made & Painted  by Mary DeCaprio
Dedham Sitting Rabbit
1 inch pendant on leather cord
16-18 inch Necklace #
$25.00 SALE $15.00
dedhamBunFlower.jpg (356514 bytes)
Hade Made & Painted  by Mary DeCaprio
Dedham Rabbit with Flower
1 inch pendant on leather cord
16-18 inch Necklace #neckNO18
$25.00 SALE $15.00
dedhamBunHeart2.jpg (263200 bytes)
Hade Made & Painted  by Mary DeCaprio
Dedham Rabbit with Heart
1 inch pendant on leather cord
16-18 inch Necklace #neckNO7
$25.00 SALE $15.00
redEtchNecklace.jpg (174502 bytes)
Red Agate Etched Rabbit
on glass beaded chain
16-18 inch Necklace #
One Only! $15.00
BlkJadeNecklace.jpg (118008 bytes)blkJade.jpg (226795 bytes)
Hand Carved
Black Jade Rabbit
Note attached with solid jade ring
all carved out of one piece! 

on adjustable cord necklace
18-24 inch Necklace #blkJadeNeck
One Only! $25.00
Contact us if you are interested in any of the other BrickPond Dedham Necklaces.
BPnecklaces.jpg (794049 bytes)n15.jpg (18684 bytes)
n10.jpg (15535 bytes)n11.jpg (14294 bytes)
GreenEye.JPG (549100 bytes)GreenEye1.jpg (191085 bytes)
Gold Rabbit Necklace 1.5 inch tall
with Crystal Ear + Green Crystal Eye

on 18-20 inch Chain Necklace #
reg $25.00  SALE $6.00
HareTrinity.jpg (36592 bytes)HareTrinity-back.jpg (24713 bytes)
back side-running other direction
Rabbit Trinity
Pewter (lead free) Necklace
on 18 inch PVC Necklace with lobster claw clasp
pendant 1.1 inch diameter #
reg $18.00  SALE $10.00
outlineGold.jpg (63958 bytes)outlineSilver.jpg (73090 bytes)
Rabbit Outline Necklace
on 18 inch chain with lobster claw clasp
pendant 1 inch tall
#outlineGoldNeck outlineSlvrNeck
reg $18.00  SALE $7.00
 ne565gd.jpg (42990 bytes)
Bunny Rabbit holding
Swarovski Crystal Heart
pendant aprx 1 inch tall 
on 15.5 in Necklace #CrystalHeart
$25.00 SALE $11.00
ne575sv.jpg (17026 bytes)ne575bk.jpg (16369 bytes)
Tiny Silver or Hematite Rabbit
on adjustable 14-16 in Necklace #tiny
silver or black hematite finish
reg $15.00 
SALE $10.00
Hematite finish
movableGoldWcrystals.jpg (120978 bytes)
Rose Gold Rabbit Necklace with Movable Head
on adjustable 16-18 in Chain #movGold
reg $35.00 
SALE $20.00
redNecklace.jpg (17587 bytes)
Red Crystal Rabbit Necklace
on 18-20 inch chain #lgCrystal
$15.00 SALE $5.00
462577244_o.jpg (57861 bytes)462577244_o.jpg (57861 bytes)
click on left for video
Swarovski Crystal Rabbit with Carrot
Gold with Swarovski lt pink, amber, clear crystals
2 inch tall on 20-24in Adjustable Necklace
$35.00 SALE $15.00
468871308_o.jpg (74564 bytes)
Swarovski Crystal Rabbit with Carrot
Silver with Swarovski
aurora borealis clear crystals
2 inch tall on 20-24in Adjustable Necklace
$35.00 SALE $25.00
SilverBunnyCrystals.jpg (186793 bytes)

click here for video
 Silver Rabbit #SilvrCrystl
Silver w Swarovski Crystals 1 in wide
on 16-17 in Adjustable Necklace

$25.00 SALE $12.00

Swarovski Crystal Rabbit Pendants
Item is not made by Swarovski company
(no Swan logo, but the crystals are made by Swarovski).
468871270_o.jpg (76507 bytes)

click here for video
 Pink & Red #CrystalPnkRed
Gold w Swarovski Crystals 2 in tall
on 20-24in Adjustable Necklace
$35.00 SALE $15.00

468871265_o.jpg (70211 bytes)
Clear & Black
Silver w Swarovski Crystals 2 in tall
on 20-24in Adjustable Necklace

$35.00 SALE $25.00

HeartFiliBigEarGold.jpg (91207 bytes)HeartFiliDwarfGold.jpg (105722 bytes)HeartFiliLopGold.jpg (98984 bytes)HeartFiliSitUpGold.jpg (93882 bytes)
heartFilDwarfSilv.jpg (170860 bytes)heartFilSitupSilv.jpg (166410 bytes)heartFilWchain.jpg (449734 bytes)
Bunny Rabbit on Filigree Heart Chain Necklace

 ne566pk.jpg (28892 bytes)ne566pk-2.jpg (35444 bytes)
Pink Bunny Rabbit Head
on 15.5 in Necklace
reg $15.00  SALE $7.00
crystalBunWbowpurp.jpg (132277 bytes)crystalBunWbowALL.jpg (240887 bytes)
Crystal Bunny with Bow
on 18 in chain
Genuine Stone Hand Carved Rabbit  

All Blue pictured above- Light Blue,
Lt Md Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue
Bunny Necklace
Genuine Stone - Hand Carved
color may vary from picture
aprx 1 1/4" tall  on 28 inch cord #stoneNeck
Out of Stock-Clear Quartz, Poppy Jasper, White Howlite
reg $10.00 SALE $5.00
Order as Pictured
semi precious stones:    
Amethyst(not pictured), Aventurine, Blue Goldstone, Blue Quartz(cloudy w/grey), Cherry Quartz, Clear Quartz, Dalmatian Jasper, Dourmorite (Lapis), Fancy Jasper, Fluorite (picture below), Goldstone, Hematite, New Jade (not pictured), Picture Jasper, Poppy Jasper, Red Jasper (not pictured) Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Tiger Eye, Turquoise Howlite, Unakite, White Howlite (out of stock)
Opalized Glass(Opal or Moonstone)
dalmatian jasper $10 more Special order
fiber optic:  
Blue, Green, Light Blue, Red(orange), Pink, Purple, White, Yellow
FO-MDblue.jpg (44183 bytes)flourite_pendant.jpg (24690 bytes)amethyst30mm1.jpg (213136 bytes)
Medium Blue    Flourite   Amethyst

reg $10.00 SALE $5.00 only 1 left
red fiber optic, yellow fiber optic
red fiber optic
yellow fiber optic
poppy jasper

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